Miyota Caliber 2415

Miyota Caliber 2415

Miyota Caliber 2415

ManufacturerMiyota (Citizen)
Caliber Number2415
Replaces CaliberCitizen 0510
Size13.50”’ (30.80mm) diameter x 4.35mm thick
Battery Cell NumberSR626SW / 377
Quartz TypeTuning fork type quartz crystal
FunctionsHours, minutes, seconds, date
Country of ManufactureJapan
Known Models
Szanto 5100 Diver

The Miyota caliber 2415 is a quartz movement with 0 jewels. It is considered a replaceable movement.


Miyota states the accuracy of this movement to be +/-20 seconds/month.

Crown/Stem Removal

Miyota calibers such as the 2415 do not have an arrow to indicate the location of the release button for stem removal. There are several peg-like shapes sticking out of the movement that appear to be buttons, but they are actually there to hold parts of the movement in place. Instead, you will be looking for a small indentation, which you will press down with your tweezers to allow for the stem to be released. Follow the video below:

Replacement Price

At the time of this post, prices for the caliber 2415 quartz movement were found online between $9.99-$11.00 USD. You can order this movement here.

Official Spec Sheets:

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Miyota Caliber 2415 Szanto

Photos from this Szanto 5100 series microbrand watch.

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