Ronda caliber 519 Quartz Movement Specs and Purchase Info

Ronda Caliber 519

Ronda Caliber 519

Brand Ronda
Caliber Number 519
Line Powertech 500
Type Quartz
Size 11 1/2”’ x 3mm thick
Diameter 26.20mm
Battery Cell Number 371 (1.5 V)
Claimed Battery Life 45 months
Stem 401-1483, tap 10
Hands 120, 70, 20
Jewels 1
Hacking Yes
Functions Hours, minutes, central seconds, big date
Swiss parts, assembled in unknown (comment below)
Known Models

According to [block]3[/block], this caliber 519 features:

  • Repairable metal watch movement
  • Power saving mechanism with pulled out stem: Reduction of consumption approximately 70%
  • Interchangeability: All versions 11½”’ with same movement height 3.00 mm and stem height 1.50 mm
  • Very powerful stepping motor

An interesting thing about the Big Date complication in this Ronda caliber 519 is that the date does not flip to 01 after day 31. It keeps going to 39, then flips to 00, then to 01. This will require you to set the date every month, and not just on 31 day months.

Replacement prices were found online from $11.95 to $16.95 USD.

Please lets us know your thoughts and experience below. And please send high quality pics if you have any.

Looking to buy a replacement Ronda 519 movement for your watch? [block]5[/block][block]7[/block]

Ronda caliber 519 Quartz Movement Specs and Purchase Info

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Alan Mowle
Alan Mowle

Beautifully written, everything I wanted to know, and only partially knew. Just got a Mondain Big Date 30303 for a rock bottom retail £128.00, so about £8 for the movement, bulk buying. I know it is not as simple as that. I like it.