Norqain Caliber Nn08

Norqain Caliber NN08

Norqain Caliber Nn08

Brand Norqain
Caliber Number NN08
Base Caliber
Sellita SW200-1
Diameter 25.6mm
Thickness 4.6mm
Power Reserve ~38 hours
Vibrations Per Hour 28,800 bph, 4Hz
Lift Angle 50 degrees
Shock Protection Incabloc Novodiac
Regulator Etachron
Quick Set Date?
Hacking? Yes
Hand-Windable? Yes
Functions Hours, minutes, central sweeping seconds, date at 3:00
Country of Manufacture Switzerland, Swiss made
Known Models
Independence 19 (N3000, old steel dial), Independence 19 (NB3000, black MOP with diamond bezel), Adventure Sport Limited Edition (N1000, blue/gold), Adventure Sport “Spengler Cup Davos” Special Edition (N1000, blue dial/bezel)

The Norqain caliber NN08 is found in the Norqain Independence 19 limited edition model of the microbrand.

Base Movement:

The Norqain caliber NN08 is actually a Sellita SW200-1. The grade of Sellita used is the chronometer grade. Norqain added a branded rotor with their twin peaks logo.

Side note: On Norqain’s official site, they incorrectly list the caliber NN08 as being based on a Sellita “SW 200-1” with a space. It should be SW200-1.

SelliETA Movement?

Although the official Norqain site displays a picture of an ETA caliber 2824-2 in their Independence 19 watch, they describe the Norqain NN08 within as being based on the Sellita caliber SW200-1. The black version of the same watch shows an image of an SW200-1 movement.

Norqain Eta Sellita

Out of about 30 Norqain models, only 4 are listed as using the NN08 in both the description and specs. The models are listed in the chart above. The information is based on manually checking each of their listings at the time of this post. Some models, such as this Freedom 60 cream dial and this Adventure Sport Lady MOP diamond dial, are ambiguous and list the NN09 (ETA 2824-2) at the top in the watch description, then NN08 at the bottom in the specifications… with no images of the movement.

Getting an ETA/Sellita movement could be the luck of the draw, but hopefully this isn’t the case since most of their specifications do list one caliber or the other on each model page.

Editor’s Comment: Confusion like this is common with smaller brands that use the ETA or Sellita interchangeably, but it is not good practice. For a $2,000 USD timepiece, most watch collectors would like to know precisely what is in their watch before choosing to buy. Even though the two movements are nearly identical, there are differences, and good reasons why a collector might choose one over the other. For example, perhaps they already have 3 ETAs in their collection and want something with a Sellita. The lack of information and images from some brands shows an inability to get on the same level as enthusiasts. In a way, when this happens, it feels like the brand is not really caring about the watch buying and owning experience. If you are reading Caliber Corner, then you are a person who values the engine within, as much, if not more, than the name of the brand on the dial.

Norqain Warranty:

Norqain’s International Warranty period is 2 years from the time of purchase. If you have had experience with sending a watch back to Norqain for warranty repair or service, please comment below.

Norqain Recommended Service and Cost:

Norqain recommends having your watch serviced every 2 years. The service includes testing the movement, checking the functions of the watch, disassembling the case, cleaning the case and bracelet, replacing all gaskets, cleaning and lubricating the escapement and balance wheel, checking for water resistance, checking for timekeeping. At the time of this post, the cost of this routine service is about $175 USD for a 3 hand watch and approximately $260 USD for a chronograph model.

Watch Video: Servicing an ETA 6497-1 Manual Wind Movement

As for a complete factory overhaul, Norqain recommends this be carried out every 4-6 years. This would include all from above, as well as disassmbling the movement, cleaning and replacing standard parts, assembling and lubricating the movement, and regulating the movement. At the time of this post, Norqain charges about $330 USD for a 3 hander and $540 USD for a chrono. Bear in mind that this price probably does not include and parts they may have to replace.

Image Gallery:

Norqain Caliber Nn08 Sw200 1

Norqain Caliber Nn08 Wide

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