Swisstp Caliber Stp5 15 Stp 515

Swiss Technology Production Caliber STP5-15

Swisstp Caliber Stp5 15 Stp 515

Manufacturer Swiss Technology Production aka SwissTP
Caliber Number STP5-15, STP 5-15
Replaced By
STP caliber STP5-21
Based On
STP1-11 (ETA clone)
Movement Type Automatic, self-winding mechanical
Total Diameter
Casing Diameter
4.6mm thick
Jewels 26
Beat Rate
28,800vph, 4Hz
Power Reserve
44 hours
Lift Angle
52 degrees
Acceptable range 200-320 degrees
+/- 20 seconds/day
Accuracy Rating
-0 to +15 seconds/day
Shock System Incabloc
Barrel Spring
Nivaflex NM
Stem Length
15.7mm (17.7mm for extra long)
Rotor Winding Direction
Manual Wind Direction Clockwise
Hand Count
Hand Sizes
1.5mm / .90mm / .25mm
Functions Central hours; central minutes; central sweeping seconds; open balance wheel at 12:00
Hacking Seconds?
Country of Manufacture Switzerland, Swiss made
Known Models
RSW Le Locle (Add your watch to the comments below…)

Swiss Technology Production (aka SwissTP or STP) caliber STP5-15 is a Swiss made automatic watch movement with 26 jewels and an open balance wheel at 12:00. This should be a true no-date movement with only two crown positions and no phantom date.

Official technical documentation dates the STP5-15 as being produced as far back as March 16, 2015, with modifications made to tech sheets as recently as December 1, 2021. As of 2023, STP lists this movement as not available, replaced by STP5-21.

Note that although official documentation refers to this movement as caliber STP5-15, the movement itself is signed “5-15” with “STP” printed on the rotor. If you have a watch that is powered by this movement but with a custom rotor, it may not have STP written on it.

STP5-15 VS STP5-21:

As mentioned above, the STP5-15 was replaced by a similar caliber STP5-21. Some of the differences outlines below are based on tech sheets.

STP5-15 (old) STP5-21 (new)
Power Reserve 44 hours 38 hours (up to 41 hours)
Lift Angle 52 degrees
Hand Sizes Appear the same
Dial Feet Location Appear the same

Another notable difference is that with the STP5-15, there was only one official grade listed, but with the newer STP5-21 there are “Standard” and “Elabore” grades. This could be a sign that STP is moving towards offering more in terms of grades throughout their catalog. This allows for a more economical option (cheaper and faster to make), as well as a higher level offering with more testing and perhaps more finishing.


The STP tech sheets claim that the STP5-15 offers an average accuracy of -0/+15 seconds per day, operating within a max amplitude of 320 degrees and minimum amplitude of 200 degrees. Each movement is tested in 5 positions, which is comparable to the ETA 2824-2 Top grade.

Chronometer Spec?

Although their tech sheets mention that the positions of testing are “COSC criteria”, the STP5-15 is not certified by COSC. Furthermore, with a deviation of up to 15 seconds, it is not considered to be a chronometer.

Crown Functions:

  • Position 1 – Manual-winding mode: Depending on the watch, this could mean the crown is pressed against the case, or on a watch with a screw down crown, it means the crown is unscrewed and in hand-winding mode. When in hand or manual winding mode, turning the crown forward (clockwise) will wind the mainspring. Rotating in reverse will ratchet the movement.
  • Position 2 – Time setting mode: Pulling the crown out one click will engage time setting mode. Rotating the crown towards you (counterclockwise/backward) will advance the hour and minute hands. Rotating the crown away from you (clockwise) will move the time backward. The seconds hand will be stopped for fine tuned time setting (this is what is known as a hacking seconds hand).

Are you more of a visual learner? Watch this video we created to show the crown functions on the STP1-11.

Crown Removal:

Official tech sheets mention that in order to remove the crown and stem from an STP5-15 movement, the crown should be pulled out one click in time setting position (source).

Replacement Prices:

While we do not have volume pricing available at this time (still need to obtain a price list), replacement prices for individual STP5-15 movements were found online in the range of $159.00 to $190.00 USD.

Caliber STP5-15 Dial Side:

Swisstp Caliber Stp5 15 Stp 515 Front

Manufacturer’s Video:

Fossil Owned:

STP stands for Swiss Technology Production, however, you will mostly see this manufacturer simply referred to as STP. Their website also references the name SwissTP. Whatever you call it, STP is a Swiss factory owned by Fossil Group with a production rate of about 100,000 movements per year.

Quick STP5-15 FAQS:

Can you over wind this movement?

Does it hack?

Is it COSC?
No. SwissTP tests them to COSC criteria (ex: 5 positions), but only COSC if the watch brand had it officially certified.

Are parts interchangeable with ETA or other clones?
Some may be, but not all.

Can I replace my 2824-2 or SW200-1 with this?
Technically you should be able to. The dimensions are the same.

Additional Resources:

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