Miyota Caliber 5r32

Miyota Caliber 5R32

Miyota Caliber 5r32

Manufacturer Miyota
Caliber Number 5R32
Movement Type Quartz
3 3/4”’
13.2mm x 9mm
Jewel Count
Quartz Crystal
Tuning fork type
Battery/Cell Number 337 (SR416SW)
Battery Life
2 years
Hacking Seconds? Yes
Hand Count 3
Features Central hours, central minutes, central seconds
Country of Manufacture Japan

The Miyota caliber 5R32 is a super small quartz 3-hander watch movement with zero jewels. This caliber is made in Japan by the Miyota division of Citizen, LTD.

Miyota 5R32 VS 5R21:

There is a similar caliber 5R21 with the main differences being that the 5R32 discussed on this page is a 3-hand movement VS the 5R21 which is a 2-hand movement (hours and minutes only). This difference also means that the 5R32 to be slightly taller at 2mm VS 1.9mm on the 5R21. Another notable difference is that the driving force needed for the seconds hand causes the 5R32 to have a 2 year battery life compared to the 5R21 with a 4 year expected battery life.


In official tech documentation, Miyota claims that the Cal. 5R32 has an average accuracy of +/- 20 seconds per month “under normal circumstances”.

Examples of watches with this caliber:

In official documentation, Miyota states that the 5R32 is only recommended for use in lady’s size watches. Despite that, Philip Stein found a loophole and put two full 5R32 calibers inside a “mens” watch model, as seen in the example below.

Miyota 5R32 Quartz Movements

Miyota 5R32 Quartz Movements

Miyota Caliber 5R32 Philip Stein Watches

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