Rolex caliber 3000

Rolex Caliber 3000

Rolex caliber 3000

Brand Rolex
Caliber Number 3000
Based On 3035
Movement Type Automatic, self-winding
In-House Yes
Diameter 12.5”’ (28.5mm) x 5.8mm thick
Jewels 27
Total Parts Unknown (add to comments)
Power Reserve 42 hours
Vibrations Per Hour 28,800
Hacking Yes
Rotor Direction Bidirectional
Shock System Kif
Hairspring Flat
Features Hours, minutes, central seconds
Country of Manufacture Switzerland
Known Models Non-date Sub, Explorer, Air-King

The Rolex caliber 3000 automatic watch movement was introduced in 1990. It was used until around 2001. Found in Non-date models: 14000, 14010, 14060, 14270.

Walt Odets did a review of the Rolex Explorer 14270 on Timezone. Some notable points about the caliber 3000:

Although the movement is largely conventional in design, there are a few unusual design features. The bidirectional automatic winding system is similar to the ETA/Eterna system in using a pair of double-click wheels for winding reverse. The two “red” wheels appear to be fabricated of a light alloy, and are coated with PTFE (“Teflon”) for lubrication of the outer teeth and inner clicks… The automatic winding system is the single best-finished part of the movement…The simplicity and over-sized design of the automatic winding system characterizes the entire caliber 3000… The only other unusual design feature of the caliber 3000 is the use of a flat (i.e. without overcoil) hairspring without a regulator and an extremely simple version of an adjustable-mass balance…

From padi56 in the Rolex Forum:

The main difference with the 3000 and the 3130 is its got a full balance bridge, larger balance wheel breguet overcoil basically its now a cal 3135 without the date complication. But the cal 3000 was fitted in the Explorer now that was COSC tested but the non date sub was not, exactly the same movement in every way. Both movements are excellent in accuracy and longevity of life and very little between them myself like the 3000.

And Tools:

The 3000 is essentially the same movement used today but was the last of the Rolex in-house movements upgraded with the, before mentioned, full bridge, larger balance wheel and breguet overcoil to become the 3130…

Comment on your opinions and experience with the Rolex caliber 3000 movement below.

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Chris Wells
Chris Wells
6 years ago

I have a 1998 sub (14060). A total workhorse with absolutely no issues from 1998 onwards. -2 seconds daily (constant). I do not wear it on the original bracelet but prefer a jubilee, which I find more comfortable. I wear this watch in the shower, gardening, heavy work and the office. I used to dive and it was always with me as a trusty mechanical backup. I was toying with the idea of the new ceramic version. Whilst it is a lovely piece, especially the new bracelet with slide lock, I thought it a bit too flashy for me, and… Read more »

houcine nedri
houcine nedri
6 years ago

You know, i have test my air king 1998 (14000)
So i find that her power reserve was till 60 hours , what do you think gentlemen ?

4 years ago
Reply to  houcine nedri

I get about 45 out of mine. I wonder what everyone else is getting?

1 year ago
Reply to  WISeman

56 hours of power reserve here on ref 14000

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1 year ago

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