Rolex Caliber 1570

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Brand Rolex
Caliber Number 1570
Movement Type Automatic, self-winding
In-House Yes
Diameter 12.5”’ (28.5mm)
Height 5.75mm thick
Jewels 26
Total Parts Unknown (add to comments)
Power Reserve 48 hours
Frequency 19,800
Hacking Yes
Rotor Direction Bidirectional
Shock System Kif Ultraflex
Hairspring Freesprung Breguet
Features Hours, minutes, central seconds (date – see below)
Country of Manufacture Switzerland
Known Models Rolex Date 1500, Datejust, Explorer, Submariner

The Rolex caliber 1570 shown here was found in a vintage Rolex Date 5.3 million series from the late 1970s (pics soon). It is automatic movement based on the caliber 1570 which was introduced in 1965 and used until around 1974.


Although you might see many sites listing a few variations of 1570 series depending on complications (ie: 1575 with a date; 1575 GMT with a date and GMT hand; 1580 which is anti-magnetic and used in the Milgauss), the truth is that many caliber 1570 movements have the date. If you open your Rolex Date reference 1500 watch, you are likely to find a caliber 1570, not a 1575.

Is the cal. 1570 COSC?

Yes, the caliber 1570 is a certified chronometer (COSC) movement.

Differences between the caliber 1560 and 1570?

The Rolex caliber 1560 was produced around the same time as the 1570, however, it beats at a lower 18,000 bph. It is also a certified chronometer.

Caliber 1570 vs caliber 3135

Randall on TZ posted some enlightening information about the difrerences between the Rolex caliber 1570 series and the caliber 3135 (some typos were corrected for readability):

OK, first to consider is the beat rate, the 1570 beats at 19.8KBPH, much slower than the 28.8KBPH of the 3135. All things being equal, a higher resolution will net better accuracy.

Although the technical engineering is quite similar in both movements, such as freesprung balance, and hairspring overcoil, the 3135 shows many technical upgrades, such as the aforementioned beat rate.

The 3135 now uses a laser poised balance, instead of poising by means of screws, much better. The 3135`s balance now has both fine and gross regulating adjustments via the microstela screws (4 screws), the 1570 only uses two such screws.

The 3135 now uses a direct seconds layout of the train, instead of the somewhat finicky tension adjustment of the in-direct seconds layout used in the 1570.

The 3135 now uses a balance bridge, with adjustable studs for balance staff end shake. Although this can be adjusted on the 1570, it can not be done while the movement is running, as it can now be done on the 3135.

The rocking transmission wheel for handwinding in the 3135 replaces the wolfs teeth clutch wheel found on the 1570. A clutch wheel wears, a rocking wheel doesn’t.

While some may say the 1570 and its variants were the last handmade Rolex, and therefor show more craft, I disagree with this, as craft is found at many different levels. When craft starts at the drafting board, and carries itself all they way through modern production procedures, I feel it does add more value to the end user.

When a knowledgeable watchmaker looks at and compares these two movements, he sees that Rolex has never stopped pushing the envelope with mechanical movements, and although the family resemblance is there between the two movements, the 3135 has become much more knowledgeable and astute in the way it is made.

Extra Information:

Comment on your opinions and experience with the Rolex caliber 1570 movement below.

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5 years ago

Is it possible that the confusion between the date on a 1570 and a 1575 is the 1575 date is a quickset date? I have a 1570 with non QS and 1575 with QS.

Simon Leung
Simon Leung
5 years ago
Reply to  Ralph

The 1575 has adds an addiitonal hour hand. Rolex didn’t make a quick-set movement until the arrival of the Caliber 3035 in 1976 for Europe and 1977 in North America.

James Munro
James Munro
2 years ago
Reply to  Ralph

All 1500 date series are slow set movements.
Quick set date came with 3035 and above.

James Munro
James Munro
2 years ago
Reply to  Ralph

Officially the 1570 has no date and the 1575 is the date model.
However Rolex never bothered to make an auto bridge with the 1575 stamp on it so all models have the 1570 stamped on the auto bridge.
I suppose they just couldn’t be bothered to make one, hence the confusion.

Nin Mungdee
Nin Mungdee
4 years ago

Cal.1570 has 26 jewels. I have DATE 34 (1979) that it’s using this caliber.

Aziz Meliani
Aziz Meliani
4 years ago
Reply to  Caliber Corner

You are correct , rolex only makes there watches better and better by coming up with better movements they also attend to correct the past defects

2 years ago

for sure? 1570 is COSC certified?

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1 year ago

In the spec you have the diameter as 12.5 inches?

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Lt Col Marriott
Lt Col Marriott
3 months ago

I have a newly-acquired Rolex 1960 5512 Submariner. It has the 1560 caliber, which
has features common to both the 1530 and 1570. Some added jewels appeared in the 1560.The 1560 also qualified as COSC, like the 1570.
The early Submariners were tool watches, but the early in-house calibers were virtually hand made by Rolex. Caliber Corner is becoming the caliberpedia for movements.
Keep up the good work!

Venus Caliber 178

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