Poljot Caliber 2416

Poljot Caliber 2416 “Kosmos”

Poljot Caliber 2416

Manufacturer Poljot
Caliber Number 2416A, 2416 Kosmos (Cosmos)
Movement Type Automatic
Lignes 10.75”’
Height 4.55mm thick
Power Reserve ~36 hours
Lift Angle 51 degrees
Vibrations Per Hour 18,000 bph
Anti-Shock System Poljot
Rotor Winding Direction
Features Central hours, central minutes, central sweeping seconds, date
Country of Manufacture Russia, Soviet Union
Known Models (Please add yours to comments below…)

The Poljot caliber 2416 (2416A) Kosmos is a 29 jewel automatic movement that has been produced in Russia (USSR) since circa 1963/1964. The original version of the 2416 was produced with a central date hand/pointer, then later with a datewheel as shown here. There is also a similar Poljot caliber 2415 (Orbita) without a date.

2416 Dial Side View:

Poljot 2416 Kosmos Dial Side

2416 Datewheel View:

Poljot 2416 Kosmos Datewheel

Interesting Poljot History:

Poljot was a watch brand the 1960s. Poljot watches were produced by the First Moscow Watch Factory (1MChZ), which was established in the 1930s. Originally known as the First State Watch Factory, this watch manufacturer has roots that can be traced back to American clock and watch companies.

“…the Soviet government bought the defunct Ansonia Clock Company of Brooklyn, New York in 1929, and the Dueber-Hampden Watch Company of Canton, Ohio. It moved twenty-eight freight cars full of machinery and parts from the USA to Moscow in order to establish the factory. Twenty-one former Dueber-Hampden watchmakers, engravers and various other technicians helped to train the Russian workers in the art of watchmaking as part of the Soviet’s first five-year plan. The movements of very-early products were still stamped “Dueber-Hampden, Canton, Ohio, USA” (examples of these watches are very collectible today).” –source

Read more Poljot history on the 3133 caliber listing here.

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Steven F.
Steven F.
1 year ago

Would something like this have been inspired by ETA movements of that era or vice versa?

Gerhard Stuhler
Gerhard Stuhler
1 year ago

Vice versa, after having created the 2416-A, there is a 2416-B too.
The A has 29 jewels, the B has 31 jewels. Ruusian watchmakers have developed both calibers.

The afterwards, ETA copied these beautiful calibers and started them branding as so-called swiss-made ETA 2824 and 2824-2 …

Gerhard Stuhler
Gerhard Stuhler
1 year ago

Ruusian = Russian

Martin Rubio
Martin Rubio
3 months ago

I have a gold-plated Poljot 29 jewel automatic I bought in Moscow in 1971. I assume it is 2416 movement.Unfortunately I have had to refinish the face dial and all the inscriptions were erased. I recently had to have the balance wheel replaced and the person who did it would not adjust the timing, so I have been doing it myself by trial and error. However in my latest attempt I somehow released the winding… Read more »

1 month ago
Reply to  Martin Rubio

Why not try to contact manufacturer directly? English or google translate to Russian. They can help with parts and instructions.

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