Flyback Chronograph

Flyback Chronograph

What is a Flyback Chronograph?

In a traditional chronograph watch, the button sequence is top (start), top (stop), bottom (reset).

With a flyback chronograph complication, you do not need to sop the chronograph before resetting the stop watch second hand. You start the chronograph (top button) and you can push the second button to “flyback” the second hand or return it to zero, where it starts counting immediately again.

On a traditional chronograph watch, if you try to reset the chronograph without stopping first, you will potentially damage the movement.

This is ideal for situations where resetting the stopwatch function is time sensitive. It takes less time to  operate a flyback chrono than the regular stop, start, reset pusher sequence.

Flyback Chronograph History

Although the first flyback style function was invented by Breitling, the flyback chronograph was first officially patented by Longines in 1936.

Video of a Breguet Flyback Chronograph Watch

Examples of Flyback Chronograph Watches:

Flyback Chronograph Iwc Portuguese Flyback Chronograph Alpina Flyback Chronograph Panerai Luminor Pam00653

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Hublot Caliber UNICO HUB1241 Watch Movement |
4 years ago

[…] Learn more about the flyback chronograph complication. […]

4 years ago

What is an affordable flyback chronograph watch that you recommend?

9 months ago
Reply to  Christian

I received a Citizen Promaster Bullhead 1973 Ltd Ed for Christmas, which has the flyback complication, as well as other handy functions, such as an alarm and chronograph, and water resistant to 200m to boot. For the money I think it’s great value. The look isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (eg very busy dial) and a tad bulky at 45mm …but i love it. Definitely worth a look

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