Ingersoll Caliber 432 Automatic Watch Movement

Ingersoll Caliber 432

Ingersoll Caliber 432 Automatic Watch Movement

Brand Ingersoll
Caliber Number 432
Movement Type Automatic
Jewels 29
Power Reserve Unknown (comment below)
Vibrations Per Hour Unknown (comment below)
Hacking? Yes
Features Central hours, central minutes, central sweeping seconds, double digit big date at 12:00, month subdial at 9:00, day of the week at 3:00, 24 hour subdial at 6:00
Country of Manufacture China
Known Models Monticello (Rose Gold IN1824RBK), Monticello (Cream Dial IN1824CR)

The Ingersoll caliber IN 432 (also IN432A) is a triple date automatic movement with a big date and 24 hour indicator. This movement was found in an Ingersoll Monticello model. Chinese-made with 29 jewels.


Ingersoll claims this movement should stay accurate between -30 to +30 seconds per day when worn under normal conditions.

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Peter Cole
Peter Cole
5 years ago

Very similar movement found in certain Thomas Tompion (UK) watches.

5 years ago

How can you tell the number of the movement you guys??
3 years ago
Reply to  Teo

Hi Teo, Ingersoll provides the caliber number in the documentation that comes with the watch.

Jean-Francois Richer
Jean-Francois Richer
2 years ago

Found in the Ingersoll Armstrong

Venus Caliber 178

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