Citizen Caliber 9000 G900m

Citizen Caliber G900

Citizen Caliber 9000 G900m

Manufacturer Citizen Watch Co.
Caliber Number G900, G900M
Movement Type Quartz, solar-powered
Jewel Count
0 (no jewels)
Citizen part number 295-69 aka 295-6900
Power Reserve
~9 months on a full charge
Accuracy Rating
+/- 15 seconds per month (average)
Hand Count 7
Functions Central hours; central minutes; small seconds subdial at 3:00; central pointer date hand (also used to indicate the mode the watch is in); GMT subdial at 7:00 (the hands also function as alarm hour and minute hands, year indicator (hour hand), month indicator (minute hand) depending on the mode); retrograde AM/PM indicator between 4:00 and 5:00; minute repeater function (electronic chiming sound to indicate the time)
Hacking Seconds?
Country of Origin Made in Japan
Known Models
Citizen Eco-Drive Minute Repeater (Ref: BL9000-59F) (Add your watch to the comments below…)

The Citizen caliber G900 is a solar-powered perpetual calendar watch movement with a minute repeater function. This caliber is part of the G90* family of movements.

This movement was found in a Citizen Eco-Drive watch with “Calibre 9000” on the caseback.

G900 Solar Charging Times:

Citizen Calibre 900 G900m Charging Times

G900 top cover plate removed:

If you need to replace the capacitor (aka secondary battery) in your G900 powered timepiece, you will need to remove the top metal cover from the movement.

Below is what the main movement looks like without the cover installed:

Citizen Calibre 9000 G900m

G900 Capacitor Replacement:

Once the top cover is off, the capacitor is simply held in with a friction arm. Gently use your tool to remove the cell from the movement.

On the example watch shown, you can see that the original energy cell is a Li-ion CTL920 battery with Sony branding, made in Japan.  CTL920 or MT920 are the capacitor type, but you can’t use just any CTL920 or MT920 – you have to use the correct part number due to the tab position being oriented specifically for this movement.

Citizen G900 Capacitor 295 6900

The Citizen part number for the G900 replacement capacitor is 295-6900 aka 295-69. You can order it here.

Citizen G900 Capacitor 295 69 Ctl920f Battery

Citizen G900 Capacitor 295 6900 Ctl920f Battery

Reset After New Capacitor:

Citzen makes it clear that they want G900 owners to send their watches back to the factory for capacitor replacement…

“Although the secondary battery is not required to be replaced as a general rule, there may rarely be times when the secondary battery does not charge properly. If a problem should happen to occur, promptly have the secondary battery replaced by an authorized service center.” -Source: Official G90X user manual (page 31)

However, unlike most other watch companies, they are also willing to provide information for what do in case you DIY – although it is sort of a game of page jumping in the manual:

“After the secondary battery has been replaced, perform the “All-Reset” and “Setting the Reference Position” procedures by referring to “4. Setting the Reference Position”. The watch may not operate properly unless these procedures are performed.” -Source: Official G90X user manual (page 33)

Citizen G900 User Manual All Reset Position

Citizen G900 User Manual All Reset Reference Position

Video: G900 watch setting instructions

Additional Resources:

Note: This caliber listing is still being updated, but feel free to start discussions on it in the comments below…

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