Kronaby Caliber Bt001

Kronaby Caliber BT001

Kronaby Caliber Bt001

Manufacturer Kronaby
Caliber Number BT001
Type Quartz
0 (needs confirmed)
Battery Cell
Battery Life ~2 years (depending on use)
Bi-directional micro stepping motors
Bluetooth 4.1, vibration motor, accelerometer
Functions Central hours, central minutes, subdial at 6:00
Country of Manufacture China
Known Models
 Kronaby Apex 43mm (Add your watch in the comments below…)

The Kronaby caliber BT001 is a bluetooth (4.1) low energy enabled quartz smart watch movement. Kronaby watches are designed in Sweden and made in China. Watches with the BT001 movement need to connect to a bluetooth enabled mobile device to function properly. You will need to download the Kronaby app for Apple or Android.

Note: This movement was found in a Kronaby Apex watch reference A1000-1603, but the movement itself is signed with a reference number A1000-1604.C.

Kronaby History:

The movement/module was developed by Malmö-based Anima Connected, a startup founded by four former managers from Sony Mobile Communications in 2015. Kronaby was launched by Anima Connected at Baselworld in 2016. Anima Connected filed for bankruptcy in February 2019. (Editor’s note: you can have tech in watches, but tech and watches are two totally different games.)

In March 2019, Kronaby was acquired by the Festina Group in Spain, which did not retain 50 out of the 60 Kronaby employees, including their co-founder and CEO.


Some of the features of the BT001 are listed below. Note that some features only work on Android phones.

  • Filtered Notifications – Choose which notifications you get on your watch
  • Step Tracker – Track steps and set goals
  • Activity Reminder – Get reminded to get up and move around
  • Device Controls – Reject calls, snap a picture, etc.
  • Auto Time Zone – Updates the time zone automatically when travelling
  • Find Your Watch – See where your watch was last connected
  • Alarm – Set a vibrating alarm on your watch
  • Stopwatch
  • Date

Pusher Features:

The pushers on Kronaby BT001 watches can be configured to perform certain actions on your mobile device. You can set these up with the Kronaby app.

  • Phone finder – Pressing the pusher button will make your phone ring
  • Music Remote – Control your music with the pushers
  • Camera Shutter – Use the pushers as a remote camera shutter button
  • Location Reminder – Press the pusher to drop a pin in your location and find the spot later (good for parking)
  • “Walk Me Home” – Press the pusher to send a signal to a preset safety contact so they can see your location on a map. Long pressing the button will send an emergency signal.
  • Silent Mode – Press the pusher to turn off your phone’s ringer

How to use the Kronaby watch?

You cannot do anything with the watch without connecting it to a device first. You will need to download the Kronaby app from the iOS App Store or the Google Play store for Android devices.

In Kronaby’s own words:

“The Kronaby watch communicates via Bluetooth and most of it functions will not work without an active connection to the phone.”

How to connect the Kronaby watch to your phone?

Kronoby offers video instructions on syncing your watch to the device.

How to set the time?

The time displayed via the analog hands on the Kronaby watch are automatically synced with the time on your phone. If the time is not matching the time on your phone, you may have to enter the Kronaby app settings and calibrate the time (open the Kronaby app, go to settings, go to Calibrate Watch).

Can you set the time without connecting it to a device first? No.

Can you still see the correct time once the watch is disconnected from a device? Yes.


Kronaby Caliber Bt001 Battery Cr3032

The battery that comes stock in Kronaby BT001 powered watches is a Panasonic CR3032 cell. This is a huge battery at about 30mm in diameter, almost as big as the entire movement!

Do not use the BR3032 battery type.

“Using BR3032 batteries could render your watch to stop working as intended and will also dramatically decrease the battery life time of your Kronaby watch.” -Kronaby FAQ

Replacing the Battery:

When your battery needs replaced, you will get a low battery warning via the app. The hardest part about changing the battery in the Kronaby is taking the caseback off – and that won’t be difficult at all with the proper tools.Once the back is off, the battery just pops out. There is a small tension spring along the edge, but it’s not tight at all. Just be careful not to short the new battery when doing the install (use plastic tweezers or be sure to wear your finger cots).

Replacement Prices:

The BT001 movement cannot be purchased separately from the watch. If you have a broken Kronaby that is no longer covered under the warranty and cannot be fixed, you can try to find a used watch somewhere and swap the movement. However, after doing all of that, you may want to just wear the used watch.


Examples of watches with this movement:

Additional Resources:

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