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Poljot Caliber 2616.2H
Poljot Caliber 2616.2H

Poljot Caliber 2616.2H

Brand Poljot
Caliber Number 2616.2H, 2616.2N
First Moscow Watch Factory
Movement Type Automatic, self-winding mechanical
Lignes 11.5”’
6.65mm (unconfirmed)
Jewel Count
Beat Rate
18,000 vph, 3 Hz
Lift Angle
51 degrees (unconfirmed)
Power Reserve
37~41  hours
Rotor Winding Direction
Anti-Shock Device
Hand Count 3
Functions Central hours; central minutes; sweeping seconds hand; date at 3:00
Hacking Seconds?
Quickset Date?
Country of Manufacture Soviet Union
Known Models
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Poljot caliber 2616.H (2616.2N) is a vintage automatic watch movement that was produced by First Moscow Watch Factory in the Soviet Union (Russia). The cal. 2616.2H is a 23 jewel movement with a low-beat frequency of 18,000 bph. It has manual-winding, but is non-hacking.

These movements were in production from circa 1972 to the early 1980s.

2616.2H Vs 2616.1H:

You may see a caliber 2616.1H (sometimes written 2616.1N) with 30 jewels. The .1H calibre came before the .2H.

Difference between 2H and 2N:

The “H” is Cyrillic and the “N” is Roman. The Poljot H and N designations are often confused and/or used interchangeably.

Changing the date:

The Poljot 2616.2H does not have a quickset date. To advance the datewheel, turn the crown from 8:00 PM to past 12:00 AM, back to 8:00 PM then past 12:00 AM again. Each action like this will change the date by one day. This operation does not work in reverse.


You may see some watches described as being 2616.2H, but with a day/date calendar complication. The 2616.2H is listed as just having a date, whereas the Poljot 2627 (2627H) was equipped with a day of the week in addition to the date.

Poljot 2616.2H Videos:

Just showing the movement…


Disassembly video (in Russian language but you can turn on the auto-generated subtitles):

Another disassembly video in Russian:

Additional Resources:

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