Seiko Caliber 6N76
Seiko Caliber 6N76

Seiko Caliber 6N76

Seiko caliber 6N76 is a quartz watch movement with a big date at 6:00. It has 0 jewels with a typical quartz frequency of 32,768Hz.  Made in Japan.

Measurements: 26.4mm diameter / 25.6mm casing diameter / 3.4mm thick

The big date calendar complication displays the date in two windows and uses two datewheels to display double digits. It is about twice the size of a regular date window.

Seiko claims that this caliber has an average accuracy rating of less than +/-20 seconds per month.

The battery in the 6N76 is an SR621SW (377/376). A fresh battery is said to give up to 3 years of running time.

Hacking seconds? Yes.

For stem extraction, the crown should be in neutral position (against the case).

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