Seiko Caliber 6923

Seiko Caliber 6923

Seiko Caliber 6923

Manufacturer Seiko
Caliber Number 6923, 6923A
Movement Type Quartz, battery-powered
Display Analog
Outside Diameter
25.3mm (21.7mm x 22mm)
Casing Diameter
Jewel Count
32,768 Hz
Battery Cell
SR926SW (see below)
Battery Life
~5 years
 Accuracy Rating
<15 seconds/month
 Regulator? Trimmer condenser style
 Plastic Parts?
Trimmer condenser style
Hand Count 3
Functions Central hours; central minutes; central seconds; day and date at 3:00
Hacking Seconds?
Quickset Day/Date?
Other Features
Train wheel setting device, electronic circuit reset switch, low battery indicator (EOL)
Country of Manufacture Made in Japan
Known Models
Seiko SQ 100 (Add your watch to the comments below…)

The Seiko caliber 6923 (6923A) is a vintage quartz movement with 2 jewels, made in Japan. This movement has a day-date calendar complication.

Cal. 6923 VS 6922:

There is a similar caliber 6922 the main difference being the calendar complication:

  • 6922: Date only
  • 6923: Day of the week + date

Other than that, the height of the two movements is different due to the addition of the daywheel: The 6923 being discussed on this page is 2.5mm tall; the 6922 is 2.3mm tall.

6923 VS 6923A:

The trailing letter (A) in 6923A is simply an evolution marker or version. There is no difference between 6923 and 6923A, since the A just indicates that it is the first version. There does not appear to be a second (B) or third (C) version. You may see this calibre referred to as 6923 (as printed on the dial at 6:00 and engraved on the caseback), yet when you open the case to see the movement, it will likely be engraved with “6923A”.

Battery Change and Battery Life:

Owners of watches with the 6923A will be pleased to know that Seiko gives estimates of up to 5 years of runtime for fresh batteries. However, the original tech sheets for the 6923 call for an SR926SW watch battery (1.55V), which are no longer readily available. Those batteries have been replaced by the SR927SW aka 395/399. Caliber Corner is unsure if the difference in battery cell affects the original 5 year battery life specs.

Similar to the SR926SW, the SR927SW (395/399) battery is 9.5mm in diameter and 2.6mm thick.

Seiko Caliber 6923 Battery 395 399

Some folks may think the 2.6mm batteries are too thick to be used in the 6923. If that is the case, the SR920SW (371/370) can technically also be used. The caveat to this is that depending on which replacement battery cell number you choose, it could result in varying battery life.

The SR920SW (371/370) battery is slimmer, measuring: 9.5mm diameter x 2.1mm height.

Seiko Caliber 6923 Battery 371 370

Please comment with your 6923-related battery experience below…

Crown/Stem Removal:

To remove the crown/stem from the caliber 6923, you will look for the tiny indentation or dimple on what is called the setting lever.

The crown should be in position 0 aka pressed-in against the case (not pulled out in time or date setting mode).

Seiko Caliber 6923 Detent Button

Carefully press the indentation with the tip of your tweezers while pulling out the stem. This action applies leverage that lifts the yoke tab off of the stem.

Seiko Caliber 6923 Crown Stem Removal

If you don’t see the dimple or indentation on the setting lever, it’s likely that your crown is in position 1 or 2 (time or date setting mode). As you can see in the image below, when that is the case, the button is covered by the setting lever spring. This design is a fail-safe to prevent the crown from being extracted while in the incorrect position.

Seiko Caliber 6923 Detent Button Crown Out

Editor’s Aside: If only ETA or Sellita would design similar detent button mechanisms, it would prevent lots of folks messing up the keyless works in the 2824-2 or SW200-1 😛

Caliber Commentary:

As posted on the Caliber Corner Instagram page:

“I opened up this vintage Seiko SQ 100 Day/Date watch today and wanted to show you guys because there’s a lot a cool stuff inside… it’s a quartz caliber 6923A with 2 jewels, made in Japan.

Cool Factors:

  • Look at the text that is integrated into the circuit board. That is awesome!
  • Then there’s the trimmer condenser style regulator – which, of course isn’t exclusive to this caliber, but it is always nice to see!
  • Next is the clear movement holder. Certainly people would compatible less about cheap/ugly movement holders if they were clear like this one, it’s just cooler imo.
  • Finally, while battery insulator tabs can be annoying (and many of the modern Seiko quartz movements don’t use them, unlike Ronda, etc.), but there’s something cool about this translucent neon slime yellow insulator among all of the other colors.

They just don’t make quartz movements like they used to!” –Source

Circuit Board Integrated Text:

Seiko Caliber 6923a Circuit Board

Trimmer Condenser:

Seiko Caliber 6923a Regulator

Clear Plastic Movement Holder:

Seiko Caliber 6923a Clear Plastic Movement Holder

Battery Insulator Tab:

Seiko Caliber 6923a Battery Insulator

Additional Resources:

Note: This caliber listing is still being updated, but feel free to start discussions on it in the comments below…

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