SW200 aka Oris 735

Oris Caliber 735

SW200 aka Oris 735

Caliber Number735
Base CaliberSellita SW-200
Vibrations Per Hour28,800 bph, 4Hz
Power Reserve38 hours
Quick DateYes
Quick DayYes
FunctionsHours, minutes, seconds, date, day indicator
Country of ManufactureSwitzerland
Known Models
BC3, TT1

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Dr. Anson
Dr. Anson
5 years ago

Oris is just an outstanding watch and value.

Oris BC3 Aviation 73576414165MB Watch Review - WatchReviewBlog
4 years ago

[…] BC3 line uses a Sellita-sourced automatic Oris Caliber 735 movement. 26 jewels are incorporated into the design in order to keep friction down and improve accuracy. […]

Roger McKinney
Roger McKinney
4 years ago

Oris Calibre 735, base SW 220-1 is not a very accurate movement, running well below COSC standards – quite a disappointment!

Geoffrey Gulley
Geoffrey Gulley
4 years ago
Reply to  Roger McKinney

Mine runs at roughly +16 seconds daily… not exactly sure if I was lucky or if Rogers comment is broad brush for the SW-220. In my mind a sub $1000 dollar automatic running at this % of accuracy is hardly a disappointment. (Ref: 01 735 7641 4263-07 5 22 22G).

Geoffrey Gulley
Geoffrey Gulley
4 years ago

… addendum, I meant weekly. Apologies, long day

8 months ago

nobody buys a mechanical watch if they want accuracy even omegas master co axial chronometer isn’t accurate. If you want to tell the time precisely then buy a quartz

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