Inter Sa Caliber It10

INTER T SA Caliber IT10

Inter Sa Caliber It10

Caliber NumberIT10
Movement TypeAutomatic
Vibrations Per Hour21,600
FeaturesHours, minutes, central seconds hand, skeletonized
Country of ManufactureSwitzerland
Known ModelsRotary, Earnshaw Beagle, Bentley Watch, Arbutus (list more in the comments below…)

The INTER T SA caliber IT10 is a 21 jewels Swiss made automatic movement.


There is almost no information about INTER T SA online. Their official company website is down so there is speculation as to whether the business still exists. The company was founded in 2010 and the headquarters is/was located in Renens (Vaud), Switzerland. Other location information places the company in Le Locle, Switzerland.

The INTER T SA calibers have largely been found in watches from brands that typically produce watches made in China. Quite interesting is a paragraph that INTER T SA posted on their Linkdin page regarding the Swiss Made label. Notice how they put Swiss Made in quotes:

“The law requires that at least 51% of the watch’s overall value be produced in Switzerland. It also specifies that the watch’s movement be Swiss. Both final assembly and quality check must be performed in Swiss territory. Through our assembly and our quality control department, we offer our clients the chance to obtain the precious “SWISS MADE” label. INTER T can also supply “SWISS MADE” movements to fit your needs.” –Source

Also in their About Us section:

“Designed specifically for the demands of our worldwide clients, INTER T has developed a revolutionary new watch manufacturing and handling concept. From the beginning, we have given great attention to the “Swiss made” standard and realized the strength of its reputation. Our attention is to add detail to the quality and experience of Swiss watch making. This is what makes us an efficient and competitive partner with whom you can work confidently.”

How “Swiss” is it?

It’s Swiss enough to be designated as Swiss Made. With that said, the guidelines for a watch being labeled as “Swiss Made” allow for the watch to not actually be entirely made in Switzerland. From the information above, it would appear that this is INTER T SA’s specialty.

In a review of an Earnshaw Beagle watch containing the INTER T SA caliber IT10, ablogtowatch had this to say:

“So going back to the Beagle – how Swiss Made is it? I don’t have all the details, but I wanted to get the the bottom of the movement. The movement is mechanical, an automatic, and skeletonized. For the price it looks pretty good. An answer from Earnshaw revealed that it is supplied by a Swiss company called Inter T SA. Their website is surprisingly straightforward. They indicate that they started as a result of ETA reducing supply of their movements and to help fill in the gap of Swiss Made watch movements. To make a long story short, the movements are technically Swiss Made. The necessary value is from Switzerland, and the rest of the parts likely come from China. And to be honest that isn’t very uncommon. Some of the more important parts such as the hairspring come from Switzerland.”


Here is a video from 2014 by INTER T SA showing their watchmaking assembly process:

Additional Resources:

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Ray Walsh
Ray Walsh
2 years ago

To me that looks like a Claro Semag CL 888 which is Swiss Made in compliance with Swiss law but starts life as a Chinese (seagul st16) ebauche. I have one in a Rotary Jura Les Original that has been working without issue for approximately six years.
If you want some photos just let me know and I’ll take some.

1 year ago

I have an Earnshaw Beagle and a Rotary Jura both with a Sea-Gull ST16 labelled “Swiss made”

1 year ago

According to the Swiss commercial register, Inter T SA changed its name in 2015 into Kronos Horlogerie SA and moved to Le Locle. In 2017 Kronos went bankrupt and was deleted from the register. I just came here to check this calibre, because I just got hold of a Mathey Tissot watch from 2017 with an IT 12 in it.

1 year ago

I recently got a Swiss legend traident, very unknown brand, and wondered what movement was it because there was absolutely no info on the piece. I was hoping for a Sellita or eta at a bargain but found this movement was inside, after much searching and research. Thank you for the great info, comments also. Can’t say there’s anything Wrong with it. My intention was to put it into another case for a hobby build,… Read more »

1 year ago

I received this from rotary

1 year ago

Rotary confirmed to me that they used Inter T sa, for some reason I can’t upload the screenshot of their email confirming this?
1 year ago
Reply to  Paul

Well there it is

joe waghorn
joe waghorn
8 months ago

Hi I have a watch, I’ve been told the movement is a IT 12.
Would I be correct in assuming it’s Chinese.
Kind regards,

7 months ago
Reply to  joe waghorn

No, it is swiss by law.(it complies with the 50% swiss parts law and is assembled , finished and inspected in Switzerland. I am not sure if it has 60% parts to follow the newest update of the law) It has some good quality swiss parts like the harispring and balance rotor. However it also has chinese parts and it comes from a chinese seagull movement the ST16 which is on turn based on a… Read more »

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