Ingersoll Caliber 520

Ingersoll Caliber 520

Ingersoll Caliber 520

Caliber NumberIN 520
Base Caliber
Hangzhou HZ2350
Movement TypeAutomatic
Power Reserve30 hours
Vibrations Per Hour21,600 bph
FeaturesHours, minutes, central seconds, date and day of the week at 3:00, 24 hour indicator at 6:00, year at 9:00, month at 12:00
Country of ManufactureChina
Known ModelsIngersoll Gun, Ingersoll Professional Engineer

The Ingersoll caliber IN 520 automatic watch movement is found in the Gun model IN1628BK. This movement is Chinese-made with 20 jewels. Based on the Hangzhou caliber HZ2350.


Ingersoll watches claims this movement should stay accurate between -30 to +30 seconds per day when worn under normal conditions.

Instructions for Day, Date and Month Setting

  1. To achieve an accurate day of the week setting, pull crown out to first position and turn the crown anti-clockwise until a day prior to the day you require is achieved i.e. if today is Wednesday then set it onto Tuesday.
  2. Now turn the crown clockwise until a date prior to the date you required is achieved. i.e. today is the 16th then set it onto the 15th.
  3. Push the crown back to normal position.
  4. Press the top button to select the correct month on the 12:00 subdial.

Instructions for Setting the Year

Press the bottom pusher to select the year located on the 9:00 subdial.

Ingersoll’s Note on Automatic Movements

Automatic watches can be used only by those who are reasonably active as the automatic winding relies on a regular movement of the wrist. The watch must be given an initial manual wind of 8 to 10 turns and provided that it is worn on the wrist for a minimum of 8 hours each day it will continue to function indefinitely and may be taken off the wrist for a maximum period of 30 hours. If this period is exceeded the movement will stop and another manual wind will be necessary. It must be remembered that when worn in bed the movement of the wrist is insufficient to operate the automatic winding

In the Ingersoll manual, they state the following:

“Over wind of the spring may cause damage to the mainspring. Only wind the spring as far as it will go but not beyond.”

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CeeLo Green
CeeLo Green
4 years ago

An automatic mvt. can’t be overwound. Only a mechanical one can be just that.

CeeLo Green
CeeLo Green
4 years ago
Reply to  CeeLo Green

I.e. the mechanical ones (without the rotor), which are those that I meant (of course).

Anthony Moser
Anthony Moser
4 years ago

Whoever told you this was a Dixmont based caliber was way off. It is a Hangzhou 2350 (HZ2350), and all the HZ 2 Series calibers were derived from the Seiko 7009A.

Anthony Moser
Anthony Moser
4 years ago

Not a Dixmont. This is a Hangzhou Watch Factory HZ2350. The HZ 2 Series movements are based on the discontinued Seiko 7009A, which predated the Seiko 7S26 as the main Seiko 5 movement.

My last comment featured a link to the very relevant, Hangzhou 2350 product page, and was eliminated as spam.

1 month ago

Mine is weird. It doesn’t like to be fully wound. It looses seconds if I don’t keep my hands of it’s crown. Around 3 per day. Otherwise, if I just leave it be on my arm (it’s been less than a ten day I wear it), it just looses half a second per day (yes!!!)… (I know!!!). Maybe because it’s still new… I’ll keep you updated.

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