Eta Caliber 2893 1 2 3 Gmt Family

ETA 2893-1-2-3 Differences Explained

Eta Caliber 2893 1 2 3 Drawings

Manufacturer ETA
Caliber Number 2893-1, 2893-2, 2893-3
Base Caliber
Type Automatic
Lignes 11.5”’
4.1mm thick
Vibrations Per Hour
28,800 bph
Lift Angle
51 degrees
Functions See below
Country of Manufacture Switzerland
Known Models
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The ETA caliber 2893-X family is part of the Mecaline Specialities line of ETA movements. The 2893 is an automatic movement that is Swiss made with 21 jewels. It is a modular movement that uses the 2892-A2 as a base, but with the addition of a GMT complication. There are three variations of this movement described below.

2893-X Variations:

The 2893 family of movements is available in 3 variations: 2893-1, 2893-2, and 2893-3. The most common of the three is the 2893-2.

All three versions are the same diameter, same jewel count, and the same beat rate. The main differences between these calibers are as follows:

  • -1 has a world time GMT disc and a quickset date
  • -2 has a centrally located GMT hand and quickset date at 3:00
  • -3 has a world time GMT disc and no date

Eta Caliber 2893 1 2 3 Gmt Differences

The world time disc on the -1 and -3 features indicators for the different time zones around the globe. Interestingly, despite ETA showing the world time disc as being larger on the -3 without a date, the parts lists calls for the same part number (2520/1) in either the -1 or -3 movements. ETA refers to this GMT disc or 24 hour disc feature as a universal hour mechanism.

Eta Caliber 2893 1 3 Gmt Universal Hour Disc

Above is part #2520/1 for the universal hour mechanism on the 2893-1 and 2893-3. ETA shows the wheel with the time zone markers, but many brands use a wheel with 24 hour markers instead.

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Jan Riggs
Jan Riggs
1 year ago

Excellent post. I had no idea the 2893 has a world timer option. Now to hunt one down!

1 year ago
Reply to  Jan Riggs

Right behind you as long as I can find one with a custom look. I don’t want anything wth the standard wheel ETA included with the movement.

Jason Lawtime
Jason Lawtime
9 months ago
Reply to  GMTcollector

Farer world timer of u can get your hands on one. Aldrich is amazing.

1 year ago

What I don’t like about the ones with the time zones is the wheel is so big and obvious that when it’s used by different brands it starts to feel like the same watch. Like if Longines uses it and some other brand uses it they look too much the same.

1 year ago

Do you know what caliber has a second hour hand bur for 12-hour GMT and not 24? Like Panerai GMT or Nautilus GMT. Thank you

ETA Caliber 2893-2 Watch Movement | Caliber Corner
1 year ago

[…] ETA 2893-1-2-3 Variations […]

9 months ago

My Hamilton Khaki Gmt Navy has this movement is

Venus Caliber 178

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