Breilting Caliber 49

Breitling Caliber 49

Brand Breitling
Caliber Number 49, B49
Base Caliber
ETA 2896
Movement Type Automatic, self-winding mechanical
Lignes 11.5”’
Height 4.85mm
Jewels 22
Power Reserve 42 hours
Beat Rate
28,800 vph (4Hz)
Lift Angle 51 degrees
Shock System Incabloc
Regulator System ETACHRON
Rotor Ball bearing system
Rotor Winding Direction Bi-directional
Hands Count
Features Central hours; central minutes; central sweeping seconds; double digit big date at 3:00
Hacking Seconds?
Quickset Date?
Country of Manufacture Switzerland, Swiss made
Known Models Breitling Galactic 41 (Ref: A49350, B49350, C49350), Breitling Cockpit (Ref: A49350, B49350, K49350, C49350) (Add your watch in the comments below…)

The Breitling caliber 49 (you may also see this caliber written as B49) is a Swiss made automatic watch movement with a double digit big date at 3:00.

ETA Base Movement:

The Breitling 49 is not an in-house movement. It is based on the ETA caliber 2896, which is basically a calibre 2892A2 with a big date module.

Not being “in-house” does not mean that the movement custom modifications or finishing done by Breitling, it just means that the base movement architecture/framework was not designed and manufactured by them.

Setting the Time and Date:

If the watch has a screw-in crown (as most Breitling watches do), unscrew the crown to be in hand-winding position (Breitling calls this position 1).


  • Pull the crown out one click (Breitling calls this position 2).
  • Turn the crown counterclockwise to advance the date forward.

For accurate time/date setting, set the date to the day before the current date. Use time-setting mode to make the date flip to the current date and then proceed to set the time accordingly.


  • Pull the crown out another click (position 3) to time-setting mode.
  • Turn the crown to advance the hands.
  • Press the crown back in and screw it in.

Examples of Watches with this caliber:

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