Seiko Caliber Pc33a

Hattori SII Caliber PC33A

Seiko Caliber Pc33a

ManufacturerHattori aka Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII)
Caliber NumberPC33A, PC33
Battery Cell NumberSR626SW (377 / 376)
Battery Life
~3 years
Frequency32,768 Hz
+/- 30 seconds per month
Stem354300 / tap 10
Hand Sizes1.20mm / .70mm / .20mm
FunctionsCentral hours; central minutes; central seconds; day/date at 3:00
Hacking Seconds?
Quickset Day/Date?
Quickset date, no quickset for the day
Country of ManufactureJapan
Known Models Timex Q Reissue (Add your watch to the comments below…)

The Seiko Instruments (SII) caliber PC33A is a 0 jewels quartz movement that is made in Japan. TMI (Time Module Inc.) who handles production and distribution of this movement, categorizes this caliber as part of their Standard Movement line. It is among the cheapest/most affordable calibers made by Seiko. This movement is found in many entry level/cheap quartz watches.


You might find this caliber listed as being produced by Hattori aka Epson aka TMI (Time Module Inc) aka Seiko Instruments Inc. Learn more about this here.

Similar Calibers:

One of the most popular entry level quartz calibers is the SII PC32A. This PC33 discussed here basically the same as the PC32, but with the addition of a day of the week complication (the PC32 only has the day).

There is also a PC23 in the Standard Movement line with a day/date display, but it is the smaller version with an 18.5mm diameter vs the 23.7mm diameter of the PC33.


Official documentation claims that the PC33A has an accuracy rating of “Less than 30 seconds per month at normal temperature range.” The normal temperature range they are talking about is between -5C to +50C (23F to 122F).


The battery in the PC33 is a cell number SW626Sw, also known as 377/376. A fresh battery should last about 3 years. When replacing the battery, be sure to slip the cell under the thin tab before pressing down. See picture below:

Seiko Caliber Pc33 Battery Replacement

Replacement Prices:

Replacement prices of $9.95 to $14.80 USD were found online at the time of this post.

Watches with this movement:

The PC33A example show on this page was found in this Timex Q Reissue 38mm watch with a Pepsi bezel on a bracelet.

Seiko Caliber Pc33 Timex Q

Seiko Caliber Pc33a Timex Q Reissue

Additional Resources:

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What is the difference between SII, TMI, and Seiko Epson Watch Movements? Watch Movement | Caliber Corner
11 months ago

[…] You may have seen an laser etching on your watch movement that looks like this: SII O*, for example on this caliber PC33A: […]

5 months ago

I’ve got a Mini Focus 0032G with this movement. The instructions say 1st position and opposite direction to changing date numeral to change day name, but generic instruction leaflet, so they are probably wrong.
My watch has duel language day, but I can’t get it from the other language to English, is it possible or is the day language set in production?

4 months ago
Reply to  Stephen

To change the language of the day, do the following (according to Timex):
Advance the hands through midnight all the way to 4 (am). Turn backwards to 11 (pm). And again advance the hands to 4 (am). You may have to repeat 2-3 times until your preferred language (English) sticks at 4 (am). You are all set.

3 months ago
Reply to  Axel

Thanks for this information ☺

Venus Caliber 178
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