Oris Caliber 401

Oris Caliber 401

Oris Caliber 401

Brand Oris
Caliber Number 401
Based Caliber
Oris caliber 400
Type Automatic
In-House Yes
Jewels 24
Power Reserve 120 hours (5 days)
Lift Angle Unknown (add to comments)
Vibrations Per Hour 28,800 bph, 4Hz
Anti-Shock System
Rotor Winding
Hacking Seconds?
Features Central hours; central minutes; small seconds at 6:00
Country of Manufacture Switzerland
Known Models Big Crown Wings of Hope (Ref: 01-401-7781-4081-set)

The Oris caliber 401 is an automatic watch movement with a small seconds subdial at 6:00. This Swiss made caliber has 24 jewels. The 401 was officially announced in September, 2019.

Some of the topics covered in this caliber listing:

Power Reserve:

The Oris 401 is equipped with two sets of components that extend its power reserve ability beyond a standard automatic watch movement: Twin barrels and extended length mainsprings. Each spring and barrel configuration can store up to 2.5 days of energy for a total of five days on a full wind.


Oris claims that the caliber 401 has an average accuracy rating of -3/+5 seconds per day. In addition to these performance claims, Oris has designed the 401 to be resistant to magnetism thanks to “more than 30 non-ferrous and anti-magnetic components, including a silicon escape wheel and a silicon anchor.” This helps to maintain the accuracy of the watch even when exposed to magnetic fields. As Oris puts it:

“In testing by the renowned Laboratoire Dubois, Calibre 401 deviated by less than 10 seconds a day after exposure to 2,250 gauss.” –source

Dial Side View:

Oris Caliber 401 Dial Side

Big Crown Wings of Hope:

The caliber 401 is found in the Oris Big Crown: Wings of Hope watch that was announced in 2022. It is a limited edition timepiece with 1,000 in 40mm steel and 100 in 38mm 18K gold.

Oris Calibre 401 Wings Of Hope Movement

Official Video:

Additional Resources:

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Jean-François De laTemperance
Jean-François De laTemperance
1 year ago

I’ll say it in English then: this is the first in-house calibre that ia overpriced by 50% at the least. C’mon friends of the horology, let’s face it … $2000 for an Oris Aquis with the Sellita SW200 and now $3500 for the only difference of a caliber 400 (&401) ?!! Getvreal, even the STP movements could do the same job. Cal. 400 of Oris is heavily overpriced.

Hank Hohenbauer
Hank Hohenbauer
1 year ago

You’re so right on this, Frenchie. Love you for sayingbit straight on. This is a real big hoax, this more than 50% overpricing of this Swiss haughty company of snobs with their Cal.400, yuck!

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