Mondaine caliber 58-02

Mondaine Caliber 58-02

Mondaine caliber 58-02

Brand Mondaine
Caliber Number 58-02
Movement Type Quartz
Jewels 0
Battery Cell CR2032
Battery Lifetime About 3 years
Diameter 11 1/2”’ (26.2mm)
Height 6.85mm
Features Hours, minutes, central seconds, battery end of life indicator
Country of Manufacture Switzerland
Known Models Mondaine Stop2Go

The Mondaine caliber 58-02 is found in stop2go model watches.

This quartz movement has a special electronic circuit which is programmed to speed up the second hand at 58 seconds so that it stops when reaching the 12:00 position for each passing minute. The second hand “stops” at the 58th second, then can “go” again once the minute hand changes (2 seconds).

The design and function of the movement is supposed to be like the official Swiss railway clocks.

From Mondaine:

“A regular quartz watch runs with one motor to gear the hour, minute and seconds hand. The Mondaine SBB stop2go movement needs 2 motors: one to turn the seconds hand and the 2nd motor drives the hour hand and inducts the minutes hand jump. An important hallmark of the Swiss station clock is the smooth drive of the red seconds hand; to convert this to quartz watch a special trick was needed. Instead of moving each second one step forward the seconds hand moves in 4 little paces every second. This makes the impression of a continuous gliding like seen on the Original on each Swiss Station.

These 2 motors and the continuously running seconds hand cause a much higher power consumption than a regular quartz movement. The supply is backed by a lithium battery that ensures a lifetime of approx. 3 years.”

The caliber 58-02 has been tested by Chronofiable for shock resistance, magnetization, abrasion of parts, etc.

This registered trademark is owned by Laboratoire Dubois. It is a guarantee of reliability for watch movements which have passed the corresponding test protocol. In 2003 the company which was formerly Chronofiable SA was incorporated into the legal entity Laboratoire Dubois SA. Nowadays the Chronofiable and Microtechnology Department performs inspections and tests in the fields of both watchmaking and microtechnology.

Development of the caliber 58-02 began in March 2008 and the final product was in October 2012.

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4 years ago

I had an issue with my stop2go. My seconds hand motor seemed to have gone haywire and would stop and start going again randomly as well as get stuck. I had to send it in for service within 2 months of buying it. Seems to be a common issue with the movement(s).

4 years ago
Reply to  Andrew

I have been interested in these watches because of the stop2go feature. Did they fix it for you and did it happen again since?

4 years ago
Reply to  Christian

Its a very cool watch. Very clean design and nice looking. I sent it in to the warranty center in the US and just got it back. It works normally again now which is nice. I’m hoping all I got was a lemon.

1 year ago

The Mondaine Stop2go movement is one of the most exciting ones I’ve ever seen. I have two pieces of it. In the black en white versions. They are both running for six years now. So very satisfied.

2 months ago

Is there any way to get MONDAINE CALIBER 58-02?

Venus Caliber 178

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