Gucci Caliber Gg V838 Mp

Gucci Caliber GG.V838.MP

Gucci Caliber Gg V838 Mp

Manufacturer Gucci
Caliber Number GG.V838.MP, GGV838.MP, GGV838MP
Type Mechanical, automatic
Vibrations Per Hour
21,600 bph
Power Reserve
(Needs confirmed)
Functions Central hours, central minutes, large moonphase indicator
Country of Manufacture Switzerland
Known Models
Gucci G-Timeless Moonlight

The Gucci caliber GG.V838.MP is an automatic movement with a large moonphase indicator on the dial. This caliber is found in the G-Timeless Moonlight model introduced in March 2022.

The G-Timeless Moonlight’s moonphase display is based on a 29.5 day lunar month. Gucci states that watches with this movement only need adjusting every 360 years. This, of course, is only in theory since you will need to adjust the watch if you stop wearing it and power reserve runs out, or if the watch is in for service.

You may also see this caliber listed as GGV838.MP, but Gucci’s official marketing material writes the number as GG.V838.MP. The MP stands for moonphase. They make some beautiful tourbillon timepieces, but they aren’t great at coming up with caliber numbers… also not great at providing images and detailed specs on their movements.

Kering Group

Gucci is a brand of the Kering Group. You won’t find much about watches on their site since this high fashion conglomerate sold their 100% stake in Sowind Group SA (owners of Girard-Perregaux and Ulysse Nardin) in early 2022.

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