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Hi to all!

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This IS my first post. So let me introduce myself. I'm a Spanish watch colector, now starting to understand deeply what's inside my automatic items 


It has been a huge surprisw to me this interesting place crowded wich such friendly, caring and wise people. 


My aim is to learn and add some knowdkedfe too, as much as I can.

Actuallt I own a Seiko 5 caliber 6309 and a Citizen caliber 8200.

As the english is not my mother tongue and I've also got a sight-disabling condition, i beg a bit of comprension should I conmit some mistakes or if I use strange phrase variaruibs. I do not use any translator.

Cheers to all!

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4 weeks ago

Hello Manualeitor! Welcome to Caliber Corner, glad you found the site!

Two great movements so far, the 6309 and 8200 🙂

Seagull Caliber St19

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