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Ronda Caliber 515 24h

Ronda Caliber 515.24H

Ronda Caliber 515 24h

Brand Ronda
Caliber Number 515.24H
Base Caliber 515
Line Powertech 500
Type Quartz
Size 11 1/2”’ x 3mm thick
Diameter 26.20mm
Battery Cell
Hands 120/70/20/160
Claimed Battery Life 45 months
Jewels 1
Hacking? Yes
Functions Hours, minutes, central seconds, date, GMT hand (second time zone)
Swiss Made or Swiss Parts
Known Models
Lum-Tec Combat B33, Shinola Rambler GMT, Rotary Henley GMT (add more in the comments below)

This is the Ronda caliber 515.24H (24H for 24 hours) which is basically a caliber 515 with an added GMT complication. It is a Swiss made or Swiss parts quartz movement.

According to Ronda, this caliber features:

  • Repairable metal watch movement
  • Power saving mechanism with pulled out stem: Reduction of consumption approximately 70%
  • Interchangeability: All versions 11½”’ with same movement height 3.00 mm and stem height 1.50 mm
  • Very powerful stepping motor

Ronda caliber 515.24H quartz movement

Swiss Made vs Swiss Parts

There are several caliber 515 based quartz movements by Ronda. There are Swiss Made and Swiss Parts versions available. Both are nickel plated metal, both have 1 jewel. Ronda documentation claims an accuracy of -10/+20 seconds per month.

Caliber Number Location

Ronda does not stamp the metal part of this movement with the caliber number, instead, you can find a reference on the outer plastic part of the movement. It is not the full caliber number (515.24H) but the base caliber.

Ronda Caliber 51524h

How to change the battery

There is a metal locking mechanism for the battery that just uses tension to hold it into place. Gently put your tweezers or other tool in the hole and slide it over – not too hard and not too far. The battery will pop out like in this video. Do not remove the screw.

Ronda Caliber 515 24h Battery

Stem Removal

To remove the crown/stem, find the hole with the arrow. While the crown is in position 0, pressing this with your tweezers or other tool will allow the stem be unlocked so you can pull it out.

Ronda Caliber 515 24h Stem Removal

Scoochy on WUS says:

It’s not too bad, midrange quality quartz. It’s far superior to what ETA has in the same functionality department, the 805.161.

The caliber 515.24H shown here was found in this Rotary Henley GMT watch here.

Ronda Caliber 515 24 In A Watch

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Bruce Rezvani
Bruce Rezvani

I will be grateful if you could help me with this issue;

I have a Sturmanskie Heritage Arctic GMT 51524-3331816
Product No.: S 51524-3331816

Which is supposed to have a Ronda 515-24 movement. The Date is however is at 4 not at 3. Where can I get this movement movement? is it just the regular 515-24H that I should be looking for??

Many Thanks

Danny C.
Danny C.

It looks like they just cut a square in the dial at 4 instead of 3. It’s the same calendar wheel since the date is at a slight angle at 4 and not straight. They probably did it to keep the date out of the way of the compass star design on the dial. You can ask others here, but I say just look for 515.24H cause there’s no such thing as a 515.24H with a different date position.

Bruce Rezvani
Bruce Rezvani

Many Many Thanks Danny

Danny C.
Danny C.

You’re welcome, come back to let me know how it goes with the replacement movement.


Found in Swiss Military CX GMT. I think that Swiss Military CX is an Invicta property.

Matthew Karwoski
Matthew Karwoski

Terrible durability, sloppy GMT hand movement. Not recommended

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