Cyrus Caliber Cyr625

Cyrus Caliber CYR625

Cyrus Caliber Cyr625

Brand Cyrus
Caliber Number CYR625
Type Mechanical, manual-wind, tourbillon
In-House Yes
Jewels 51
Power Reserve 100+ hours
Vibrations Per Hour 21,600 bph
Swiss pallet fork
Features Retrograde hours on the left, retrograde minutes on the right, seconds on the tourbillon cage, sphere power reserve indicator at 12:00
Country of Manufacture Switzerland
Known Models Klepcys Vertical Skeleton Tourbillon  (Ref: 539.506.DD.A, 539.506.GD.A, 539.506.GG.A)

The CYRUS caliber CYR625 is an in-house manual-wind skeletonized tourbillon movement with 51 jewels.

Tourbillon Cage:

The design of the tourbillon cage in the CYRUS caliber CYR625 is inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s arch bridge in Norway. It is the world’s first central vertical tourbillon. The sapphire crystal above the dial was specially developed for the Klepsys Vertical Skeleton Tourbillon watch which uses this movement.

Cyrus Caliber Cyr625 Tourbillon Cage

As CYRUS explains it:

“The tourbillon cage, placed in the middle of the dial for the first time, is set on a vertical axis at a 90° angle.”

CYRUS says this position gives the movement better precision:

“Painstaking studies by the technical team at CYRUS revealed that this angle ensures the tourbillon cage is almost always in vertical position when on the wrist, thereby optimising its performance in precision.”

Tourbillon Cage Specs:

  • Material: steel
  • Number of parts of the tourbillon cage: 52
  • Weight of the cage: 0.706 g.
  • Central tourbillon on vertical axis at a 90° angle
  • Complete rotation in 1 minute

Movement Finish:

“The upper part of the skeleton dial reveals two rhodium-plated barrels, decorated with the typical engraved triangular motifs we recognize in many CYRUS models. The bridges are microbillé with a dark grey NAC galvanic treatment, and the edges are bevelled and polished. The levers of the retrograde system are satin-polished and rhodium plated. The wheels are rhodium-plated and decorated with cerclage, the cams are mirror-polished. The jewels give a touch of colour to the finished item.”

Power Reserve:

The caliber CYR625 is equipped with a double barrel system that allows for over 100 hours of power reserve when the movement is fully wound.

Front View:

Cyrus Caliber Cyr625 Klepcys

Limited Edition:

Models with the caliber CYR625 movement are limited edition with only 5 pieces available per case type.

Examples of watches with this caliber:

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