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Say no to counterfeit watches and counterfeit watch content!

Caliber Corner is a result of thousands of hours of building the site from the ground up to provide a valuable resource to watch enthusiasts around the world. CC continues to live up to its mission to spread movement awareness and it’s clear that a movement revolution has spawned from the existence of this community.

Today, there are more and more watch related content creators attempting to dive deeper into the movements that power the watches they review. That’s great! But what isn’t great is how some of these so-called “creators” blatantly steal and rip-off content from this site without giving proper credit. Perhaps they want to appear to be watch experts so they don’t want to share CC as a source of their expertise – but some of these “experts” are profiting from stolen content, borrowed ideas and a complete disregard for the time and effort their fellow watch creators have invested into building this platform.

Some YouTubers, bloggers and even watch dealers screenshot, copy/paste, steal images and remove the watermarks, then use the content in their videos, social media posts and websites without a mention or link. Ali sellers are the worst, they have stolen entire pages from this site top to bottom (when you buy from those sellers you are part of the problem, let’s set some ethical boundaries in the watch industry). The extensive manual research contained on this site has become a feeding ground for content thieves and wannabe watch experts without an ounce of creativity or journalistic integrity, peddling derivative regurgitations of someone else’s work, all for the purpose of getting you to click an affiliate link or ranking higher on Google.

We do not want to put CC behind a paywall, but what should we do? It’s stressful. Please continue to call out anyone you see who appears to have stolen images or copy/pasted the caliber listings and specs charts. If you’re on this site and you’re using it for something, do the right thing and give a shout-out or link to it as a source. What’s so hard about that?

Thank you to true fans and participants of the community for the support and contributions over the years. CC is lucky to have the best watch community in the world and it’s only getting bigger and better! Big things are coming soon from this small and independently operated project that has influenced an entire industry. Say no to counterfeit watches and counterfeit watch content!

-CC Editor

Update 1:

After some advise from other content creators, Caliber Corner decided to try a new plugin that prevents right clicking, copying and pasting.

Update 2:

Update 1 really upset this guy apparently. It’s true, the copy/paste block was annoying, but it’s all about a happy medium.

Update 3:

Now right click and copy/paste is back, but now when text is copied there is a notice appended to the copied text: “Credit: Caliber Corner © 2022, All Rights Reserved. Source: the URL the text was copied from”. Hopefully this will encourage content thieves to credit their source.


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Jean du Moulin
Jean du Moulin
1 year ago

Now right click and copy/paste is back, but now when text is copied there is a notice appended to the copied text:

Credit: Caliber Corner © 2022, All Rights Reserved. Source: https://calibercorner.com/content/ .

Seagull Caliber St19

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