Citizen Caliber E1100m

Citizen Caliber E110M

Citizen Caliber E1100m

Manufacturer Citizen
Caliber Number E110M
Type Solar-Powered
Lignes 10.5”’
23.7mm x 22.6mm
3.5mm thick
Battery (Capacitor)
295-5100 (MT621)
Stem S65-495MM
.17 x .70 x 1.20
Functions Hours, minutes, central seconds, date at 3:00
Country of Manufacture Japan
Known Models
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The Citizen Eco-Drive caliber E110M is a solar powered quartz movement with 0 jewels.

E110M VS E100M:

There is a similar caliber E100M with the only difference being that the E110M only has a date vs a day/date on the E100M.

Power Reserve:

Although this caliber looks and acts like a quartz movement, it is not powered by a standard battery cell. There is a capacitor that looks like a battery with a metal tab welded onto the back. This is a capacitor which Citizen refers to as a secondary battery. The purpose of this capacitor is to store electrical energy. When fully charged, it can continue to run for up to 6 months.

How to charge the movement:

Being a solar powered movement, light energy is needed to charge the capacitor. Please your watch dial up in a well lit area such as a window sill so that the solar cell can absorb the light energy. Natural sunlight is typically the best way to charge your solar powered watch. Keep in mind that if it is a hot day and your watch is left in direct sunlight for too long, it could cause the dial or other parts of the watch to become damaged. Place the watch in the light but not in the heat (avoid recharging over 140F). It is not possible to overcharge the capacitor with light thanks to the movement’s built-in overcharging prevention function.

How long does it take to recharge?

How long it takes to fully recharge your Eco-Drive solar powered caliber E110M entirely depends on the power of the light source. See chart below from the Citizen manual:

Citizen E110m Solar Power Charging Time

Low Energy Warning:

When the capacitor (second battery) is losing energy, there is a low energy function of the movement that causes the second hand to jump every two seconds. During this time, the watch will continue to keep the correct time. After about one week of experiencing the low energy warning without being recharged, the watch will stop running. All you have to do when this happens is simply put your watch in the light to charge it again – the watch should start back up within 10 seconds after being exposed to bright light.

If you charged your watch with light and are still seeing the skipping seconds hand, this is an indication that the time is incorrect due to the time being stopped before. Simply set the time and the second hand should go back to normal after pushing the crown back to position 0.

If you placed your watch in the light for an extended period of time and still experience the jumping second hand or stopped time, it could mean that capacitor needs replaced.

Replacing the Capacitor:

Although the capacitor in the caliber E110M appears to be a normal battery cell, it is not. Do not try to fit a regular battery in the movement. Only use the replacement Citizen part 295-51 as shown below – the cross-over part is a Panasonic MT621. This capacitor/secondary battery can be found for $20-30 online. Changing it is like changing a regular battery, just make sure the metal tab is placed in the slot correctly.


Citizen states the accuracy of this movement to be +/-15 seconds/month between the temperatures of 41-95 Fahrenheit .

Crown/Stem Removal:

With the crown in position 0, look for the small hole on the movement and press it while gently pulling the crown/stem out.

Citizen E1100m Crown Stem Removal

Replacement Price:

At the time of this post, prices for the caliber E110M Eco-Drive solar-powered movement were found online between $59.20 – $62.95 USD. You can order this movement here. The replacement price of the capacitor is in the range of $20-30 USD.

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