Casio G Shock Caliber 3159 Module

G-Shock Module 3159

Casio G Shock Caliber 3159 Module

Brand Casio G-Shock
Caliber Number Module 3159
Movement Type Quartz, solar powered
Display Digital
Screen Type
Battery Number
Battery Life
10 months (on full charge)
Low Battery Indicator?
+/-15 seconds per month
Yes (5 daily, hourly time signal)
Backlight Illumination?
Yes (EL)
World Time?
Yes, 48 cities
Perpetual Calendar?
Button Count
Country of Manufacture China
Known Models
GW-5510-1BJF (Add your watch to the comments below…)

The Casio G-Shock caliber (aka “module”) 3159 is a digital quartz movement found in a model GW-5510 Tough Solar Multiband watch. This module was introduced in 2013. This movement is made in China.

Some of the topics covered in this caliber listing:

Solar Powered:

The module 3159 is a solar powered movement. On a full charge, the battery will last up to 10 months. To maximize battery life, Casio has a complicated list of requirements, including:

  • Display on for 18 hours per day, sleep mode for 6 hrs/day
  • Limiting use of backlight to 1 time per day (for 1.5 seconds)
  • 10 seconds of alarm use per day
  • 4 minutes of signal reception per day

What that means is that exceeding any of these usage parameters will drain the battery faster, lowering the 10 month estimate.

Low Battery and Replacement:

The battery type is a rechargeable solar battery, number CTL1616F.

The module 3159 is equipped with a battery power indicator. The bottom right side of the screen has L – M – H (low, medium, high). When the power in your battery is low, the horizontal line hover over the “L”. If the screen is off completely, the battery is extremely low or depleted. In either of these situations, you should charge the watch as soon as possible by exposing the dial to light.

There is also a power saving mode. Casio says it kicks in the following ways:

  • Leaving the watch in a dark location for about 60 to 70 minutes between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. will cause the display to go blank.
  • Leaving the watch in a dark location for about six or seven days will also cause the display to go blank. All functions are disabled, but timekeeping is maintained.

Additional Images:

The module pictured on this page is from this G-Shock model GW-5510-1BJF with a blackout inverted LCD screen.

Casio G Shock Caliber 3159 Module Rubber Gasket Cover

Casio G Shock Caliber 3159 Module

Casio G Shock Caliber 3159 Module Gw 5510 Watch Shell

Casio G Shock Caliber 3159 Module Inverted Screen

Casio G Shock Caliber 3159 Module Battery Replacement Diy

Casio G Shock Caliber 3159 Module Solar Battery Ctl1616f Panasonic

Casio G Shock Caliber 3159 Module Caseback Cover


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