Eta Caliber G15 211

ETA Caliber G15.211

Eta Caliber G15 211

Manufacturer ETA
Caliber Number G15.211, G15211
Type Quartz
Linges 10.5”’
5.25mm thick
Battery Cell Number 394 (SR936SW)
Battery Life
~36 months (share your experience below)
32,768 Hz
Hand Sizes 1.50mm / .90mm / .30mm / .20mm x 3
Functions Hours, minutes, central chronograph seconds, small seconds at 6:00, chrono 1/10 seconds at 2:00, 30 minute counter at 10:00, date at 4:00 (various locations available, see below)
Country of Manufacture Thailand
Known Models
Invicta 29985 (Add your watch to the comments below…)

Eta Caliber G15 211 Tech Drawing

The ETA caliber G15.211 is a Swiss parts quartz chronograph movement with 6 jewels. According to official ETA documentation, this movement has been on the market since at least 2009. As of this post, the ETA caliber G15.211 is no longer listed on the ETA site and has been discontinued. Caliber G15.212 may be a possible replacement.

The metal plate on the movement is signed: ETA (logo) / SWISS V8 / SIX 6 Jewels / Battery 394 9.5 x 3.6 1.55v / G15.211


The V8 stamp indicates that the origin of this movement is Switzerland, however, it is only marked “Swiss”, so it is unclear as to whether that means Swiss made or assembled in Switzerland from foreign parts.

G15.211 Vs G15.212:

While not entirely confirmed as of this post, it appears that the ETA caliber G15.211 was replaced with the newer caliber number G15.212. Both movements share the same dimensions, same jewel count, same features, including the placement of the chronograph and calendar functions. The main different seems to be that the G15.212 has two variations (AA, AB) which can be equipped with PowerDrive (G15.212AB) or PreciDrive (G15.212AA) technologies. The G15.211 is not marketed by ETA to have either of these.

Date Location:

You may see this movement written at G15.211-6 or G15.211-D6. The trailing digit refers to the location of the date window. The date can be at 3, 4 or 6. The position can be tilted or horizontal.

This code is mostly used when ordering a replacement movement to make sure the correct datewheel is used to match the calendar aperture on the front of the watch. This digit is not included in the caliber number engraved on the movement itself. Check your dial before ordering a new movement.

How to Change the Battery:

The G15.211 takes battery number 394.

Replacing the battery on your G15.211 watch is very straightforward. The diagram below is from the official ETA tech sheets. As pictured, place your tool between the battery and the arm that holds it in place (#2 in the image below). Gently pry the arm back and the battery should lift up. Try not to bend or break off the arm that holds the battery in place!

Eta G10 71a Battery ChangeTo install the new battery, do the process in reverse, but make sure the battery is placed under the lip first (#3 in the image above). If you install a new battery and the watch doesn’t function properly, it’s possible that the battery is bad. Always try a new battery before giving up.

Eta Caliber G15 211 Battery Slot Ar05

Reset the Chronograph Hand to Zero:

After a battery change, you may need to recalibrate the chronograph hands on your watch. It’s easy and you don’t need to send your watch back to the company or a watchmaker.

  • Pull the crown to position 2 (date setting)
  • Press the bottom pusher to adjust the central chronograph second hand
  • Press the top pusher to adjust the 1/10 second hand
  • Pull the crown out to position 3 (time setting)
  • Press the top pusher to adjust the 30 minute hand
  • Press the crown in to position 1 (against the case) when finished

*Some manufacturer’s refer to the crown position numbers differently. We always try to refer to the positions the same as the manufacturers do. ETA crown positions are as follows:

Eta Caliber G10 71a Crown Positions

Crown/Stem Removal:

To remove the crown, look for the stem release hole on the movement near the crown There is a small arrow pointing to it. Putting the crown to date setting position should reveal a button in the hole that you can gently press with your tool to release the stem. Do this carefully and do not press too hard. If you damage the stem release mechanism, there doesn’t seem to be a way to fix it since it’s encased in plastic.

Eta Caliber G10 71a Stem Removal

Metal Plate:

The metal plate on the G15.211 is just a thin cover with sticky adhesive. Below this metal cover you will find an plastic encasing that holds everything together.

Replaceable, Not Repairable:

This movement is part of ETA’s Fashionline group of quartz movements. This caliber is not considered to be a repairable movement and is largely found in entry level lower priced timepieces.

In ETA’s Own Words:

“Movements of these calibres can-not be disassembled; therefore, this document contains informa-tion on electrical tests and hand-fitting only.” -ETA

Replacement Price:

At the time of this post, replacement prices for the G15.211 were found online in the range of $51.00 – $79.95 USD.

Examples of watches with this movement:

The ETA G15.211 shown on this page was found in an Invicta Reserve Chronograph model 29985. This particular watch has a white plastic movement holder with metal pushers attached. Please comment below if your watch has a different style of movement holder.

Eta Caliber G15 211 Wide

This watch had a spacer between the battery and the caseback. It’s possible that your watch does not have this setup. Please comment below if you watch has a similar spacer or not.


  • Relatively inexpensive chronograph functionality with “Swiss” labeling.
  • Easy to recalibrate if the chronograph second hand isn’t lining up.
  • Does not need an insulator tab under the battery.
  • It has been around for a while with proven reliability overall.


  • Not serviceable, other than changing the battery.
  • Easy to damage the stem removal mechanism, making it difficult to remove from the case.
  • Poor documentation by the manufacturer.
  • Discontinued by the manufacturer.

Additional Resources:

  • Find more ETA quartz chronograph movements here
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Sam spade
Sam spade
2 years ago

The hand setting is not working, after reading this I think this movement is not of the best quality……..this movement is found in a technomarine sport TLCNO7. Thanks for this review….Looking forward to reading other commentary like this.

riyazmohd khan
riyazmohd khan
2 years ago

hi I want to buy ,calibre G15.212

Seagull Caliber St19

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