Ingersoll caliber 519 mechanical movement - Made in China

Ingersoll Caliber 519

Ingersoll caliber 519 mechanical movement - Made in China

Brand Ingersoll
Caliber Number 519
Base Caliber
Seagull ST3600
Movement Type Mechanical
Jewels 17
Power Reserve Unknown (comment below)
Vibrations Per Hour 21,600 bph
Hacking No
Features Hours, minutes, central seconds
Country of Manufacture China
Known Models IN3105

Ingersoll mechanical caliber IN 519. This movement was found in an Ingersoll Chinook model. Chinese-made with 20 jewels. Ingersoll claims this movement should stay accurate between -30 to +30 seconds per day when worn under normal conditions.

According to the Ingersoll manual:

A mechanical watch is a device for keeping time, which uses the energy from a wound spring, and keeps time through the highly regulated release of that energy through a set of gears (the wheel train) and an escapement. It differs from typical quartz watches in that it uses purely mechanical components to keep time. Mechanical watches typically can run for about 40 hours on one full winding of the mainspring.


Over winding the mainspring may cause damage to the mainspring. Only wind the spring as far as it will go but not beyond.


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7 years ago

I got my Ingersoll Chinook about 25 to 30 days ago. I love it. I wind once a day but official documentation says it will run for 46 hours. My tests indicate I lose about 8 seconds a day. If I set the watch about two minutes fast once a month it will stay within 2 minutes for about 30 days because it loses a little bit less then a minute a week. Great watch… Read more »

Anthony Moser
Anthony Moser
4 years ago

Base Caliber is the Sea-Gull ST3600, which is a clone of the Unitas 6497

Venus Caliber 178

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