Ingersoll Caliber In 416

Ingersoll Caliber 416

Ingersoll Caliber In 416

Brand Ingersoll
Caliber Number IN 416, IN416
Movement Type Automatic, self-winding mechanical
Jewels 22
Power Reserve 42 hours
Vibrations Per Hour 21,600 bph
Hacking Seconds? No
Hand-Windable? Yes
Features Central hours; central minutes; small seconds at 6:00, dual time subdial at 9:00; day/night indicator at 12:00
Country of Manufacture China
Known Models Boonville IN2705WH, Ulzana IN2713CR (Add your watch to the comments below…)

The Ingersoll caliber IN 416 automatic watch movement is found in the popular skeleton dial Ingersoll Boonville IN2705WH model. This movement is Chinese-made with 22 jewels.

Ingersoll Caiber In416 Pts Resources Z2031 Z2032 Ingersoll Caiber 416 Pts Resources Z2031 Z2032 22j


Ingersoll watches claims this movement should stay accurate between -30 to +30 seconds per day when worn under normal conditions.

Dual Time Zone Instructions

This movement is equipped with a dual time complication. The subdial at 9:00 gives you the time in a second time zone. To set the two times:

  1. With the crown pulled out one click to position 1, turn the crown counterclockwise to set the small dual time dial.
  2. Once the dual time is set, turn the crown clockwise to set the local time.
  3. Push the crown back in to position 0 (winding position).

In the Ingersoll manual, they state the following:

“Over wind of the spring may cause damage to the mainspring. Only wind the spring as far as it will go but not beyond.”

Ingersoll Caiber 416 Pts Resources Z2031 Z2032

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Anthony Moser
Anthony Moser
4 years ago

Base Caliber: PTS Resources/Shandong Liaocheng Zhong Tai Watch Company Z2031/Z2032(Boonville) Z2033/Z2034(Ulzana)

The two watches use slightly different movements based on the balance wheel anchors.

These movements have dual mainsprings.

CeeLo Green
CeeLo Green
3 years ago
Reply to  Anthony Moser

This is not an ‘unknown’ reserve, because it s a 42-hour movement reserve.

PTS Resources LTD Caliber PTS Z2031 Watch Movement | Caliber Corner
10 months ago

[…] Similar Ingersoll caliber 416 […]

3 months ago

It has “dual mainsprings” but such a low power reserve when they can just accomplish the same thing with one mainspring right? If one mainspring is broken can the watch still work with the other mainspring at half the power reserve?

25 days ago
Reply to  Damon_NY

Not really. My earnshaw uses the same movement and lasts for over a week without being wound, just sat on a desk. It makes a difference

7 days ago
Reply to  Rohaan

What earnshaw do you have? Does it have seconds hand at the 6h position? I have Ingersoll theJazz, and I wonder why I dont have the seconds hand at the bottom, contrary to what this article say.

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