Omega Caliber 3888 Movement

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Tissot Caliber 784-2
Brand Tissot, Chs Tissot & Fils Caliber Number 784-2 Movement Type Automatic, self-winding mechanical Lignes 11.5”’ Diameter 26mm Height 5.2mm Jewel Count 21 Beat Rate 18,000 vph Lift Angle 52...
Seiko Epson Caliber Vx36 Vx36e Drawing
Manufacturer S. Epson Corp. (Seiko) Caliber Number VX36, VX36A, VX36B, VX36E, etc. Movement Type Quartz, battery-powered Lignes 10.5”’ Diameter 24mm x 21.5mm Casing Diameter 23.3mm Height 3.05mm Jewel Count 0...
Miyota Caliber 6T33
Manufacturer Miyota (Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.) Caliber Number 6T33 Movement Type Mechanical, manual-wind Lignes 8.75”’ Diameter 19.8mm Casing Diameter 19.4mm Height 4.24mm Jewel Count 17 Beat Rate 28,800 vph, 4...

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Sellita Caliber SW330-2

Hi Martin, no "tricking" going on here lol. Sellita lists 3 grades for the caliber…


Miyota Caliber 8215

@Keith Johnson, don't you worry my good man, because these have a genuine Miyota 8215…


Miyota Caliber 8215

@Larry, the Miyota 8215 uses a uni-directional rotor-winding system. It's a proven and much approved…


Seiko Caliber 4R36

@Numair, this is why I bought myself a 8215 from Miyota Co.. :-D


Seiko Caliber 7S26

There reallt ís a "definite" and "safe" answer to this question - that'll serve for…