Harley Ronda caliber 3572

Harley Ronda Caliber 3572

Harley Ronda caliber 3572

Brand Ronda
Caliber Number Harley Ronda 3572
Type Quartz
Size 5 1/2”’
Thickness Unknown (add to comments below)
Battery Cell Number 364
Claimed Battery Life Unknown (add to comments below)
Hands 1.00mm / 0.55mm
Stem 5563
Jewels 1
Hacking Yes
Functions Hours, minutes
Switzerland (Swiss parts)
Known Models
Swiss Legend models, Invicta models, too many to list (add yours in the comments below)

It is difficult to find information about Harley-Ronda the company and Harley-Ronda watch movements.

Chascomm said this about Ronda-Harley:

Ronda, during the period when they were known as Ronda-Harley, were producing large quantities of simple quartz movements for the Asian market from a factory in Thailand.

Ronda makes no mention of this caliber number on their official website or tech sheets.

Replacement prices around $19.95 were found online.

Add your experience with the Ronda/Harley caliber 3572 to the comments below…

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3 years ago

Is this movement Swiss Made or Swiss Parts? It just says Swiss on it?

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