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After years of sharing watch movement content, engaging with fans, and growing a respectable following on the Caliber Corner Facebook page… Meta decided to delete the page.

The Caliber Corner Facebook page was located at https://facebook.com/calibercorner with the official URL and all, but now it does not exist. The content is gone. No backups, nothing. No warning.

After trying to login, the page is now met with an invasive request of personal documents such as forms of ID, etc. Why are they so desperate to get a scan of everyone’s ID… for a watch movement fan page?

The page was not hacked, and did not engage in any unwanted behavior – just watch movements.

On the same account, other watch related pages were deleted as well, the only one that wasn’t was a page with an ad account that regularly spends money on Facebook ads. Interesting, huh?

Warning: Think twice before you spend your time and money building a community on a Facebook/Meta property, especially for a business or project that you depend on as a source of income.

“Send us your ID for our facial recognition database or else!”

“I’ll have our team follow-up with you on that afterwards.”

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Jean du Moulin
Jean du Moulin
5 months ago

I never engaged in FaceNovel or any other state-related spying so called social medium on internet. Indeed, because they’re semi-government and wanting to store everyone’s freedom in their pocket via ID – demanding and spying. I feel you on this one, CC!

Jean du Moulin
Jean du Moulin
5 months ago
Reply to  Jean du Moulin

‘oocket’ should be “pocket” in my posting here above. I can’t correct this type’o. Would you be so kind to do so, please CC ?
Thank you in advance.

Jean du Moulin
Jean du Moulin
5 months ago
Reply to  Caliber Corner

Thank you too, CC, keep going strong and don’t let those kinds of people get ‘under your skin’, okay?!

They’re just not worth your good energy: your beautifully and skillfully built calibercorner.com definitely ís!!

Jean du Moulin
Jean du Moulin
5 months ago
Reply to  Caliber Corner

What are watchfriends for !? And yeas, I surely will check calibercorner.com frequently, you can bet on that!!

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