ETA E61.041

ETA Caliber E61.041

ETA E61.041

Caliber NumberE61.041
Dimensions8 1/4”’ (18.20mm) x 2.10mm thick
Battery Cell Number315
Battery Life74 months (29mAh cell) or 103 months (40mAh cell)
Frequency32,768 Hz
Hand Sizes120/70 (tap 10)
FunctionsHours, minutes, date
Country of ManufactureSwitzerland
Known Models
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The caliber E61.041 is ETA’s updated version of the previous caliber 256.041.

Replacement prices were found online for $69.95

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ETA E61.041 Front

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ETA Caliber 256.041 Watch Movement |
3 years ago

[…] caliber 256.041 is currently discontinued by ETA. The replacement is caliber E61.041. You may also be able to use ETA caliber 256.031, but this should be confirmed first. If you just […]

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