Vault Caliber V01

VAULT Caliber V01

Vault Caliber V01

Caliber Number V01
Type Automatic
In-House Yes
Jewels 31
Power Reserve ~50 hours
Lift Angle 52 degrees
Vibrations Per Hour 21,600 bph
Anti-Shock System
Developed by UhrTeil AG (Andreas Strehler)
Free sprung with Phillips terminal over coil curve with triangle hairspring stud
Balance Wheel
Inertia regulated
Features See below
Country of Manufacture Switzerland
Known Models VAULT V1, VAULT V1+

The VAULT caliber V01 is an automatic movement exclusively made for VAULT by Uhrteil AG for the V1 and V1+ models.

V1 Features:

“The singular element that makes the V1 so unique is how you read it. While the minutes are read in the conventional way (via the outer dial), the hour is displayed on a unique rotating disc which highlights the current hour of the day.Every time the watch is set, the movement and dial rotate at different speeds, changing the position of the gears which display the hours.” –VAULT Baselworld 2018 Press-Release

In VAULTS’s Own Words:

“The movement is an essential part of our shape shifter complication. The movement and the dial change their position when setting the time changing the appearance of the watch based on the exact time the watch is set an in which time zone the wearer is.” -Mark Schwarz, VAULT Founder/CEO


“VAULT doesn’t build classic complications but instead focuses on “emotional complications”. In doing so we have created the first mechanical watch which changes its appearance whenever you set the time. We call it the “shape-shifter-complication”. A key part of this concept is the patented fully adjustable dial called the “hour gear transmission” which is made up of 133 parts making it one of the world’s most complex watch dials. While setting a VAULT watch the whole dial rotates to synchronize the correct time” –VAULT Baselworld 2018 Press-Release


The V01 features rotor that is brushed rhodium plated and pearl blasted. The baseplate is also in pearl blasted rhodium. The beveled bridges are brushed black rhodium plated.

Exploded View:

Vault Caliber V01 Exploded View

Marc Jenni

Marc is a well-known AHCI member, Technical Director of Nobletime SA and co-creator of the Timeburner watch. Around December of 2018 we noticed Marc’s Instagram page feature images of a a VAULT movement. In January 2019, VAULT issued a statement on their website welcoming Jenni to their team.

“We are happy to report that the VAULT gang has a new member: Marc Jenni. For the watch geeks out there – Marc will be no stranger for you. And for everyone else, rest assured that Marc knows a thing or two about watches ;-). He has built his own high-end watch brand is a member of the AHCI and above all a great guy. Marc has accepted to help us on an extremely challenging project which will be unveiled in February and I can tell you this is a big one.” –source

One of the components they were building up excitement for ended up being the Marc Jenni designed rotors:

“To finish off the V1+ CTi, we optimised the design, reengineered the hour gear transmission and teamed up with the talented watchmaker Marc Jenni. He developed a new rotor that is lighter and increases the wearing comfort.” –source

Vault Caliber V01 V1 Rotors


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Abe L.
Abe L.
4 years ago

I never heard of this brand and really enjoyed this incredible write-up! I couldn’t find in the text how much one of these watches costs?

Melbourne Guy
Melbourne Guy
4 years ago

Interesting movement, way out of my league though.

4 years ago

This is a fascinating watch caliber. I am wondering about a movement like this if the gears and screws and everything are made from scratch by Vault or if they buy different parts that already exist for other calibers and retrofit them or design their movement to work with the other parts?

Mark Schwarz
Mark Schwarz
4 years ago
Reply to  Christian

Hi Christian thank you for your interest in our movement. The caliber is bespoke to our watch and created by master matchmaker Andreas Strehlers company UhrTeil AG specifically for VAULT. Due to the unique way a VAULT watch operates and the fact that the caliber needs to be able to rotate 360 degrees in both directions, a new movement was a requirement from the get go.
Best wishes
Founder VAULT

Seagull Caliber St19

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