Sii Caliber Vd51b

Hattori SII Caliber VD51B

Sii Caliber Vd51b

Manufacturer Hattori aka Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII)
Caliber Number VD51B
Type Quartz
Lignes 12 3/4”’
29.5mm x 26mm (smaller between 3:00-9:00)
Casing Diameter
Battery Cell
371 (SR920SW)
Battery Life
~3 years
Frequency 32,768 Hz
Quartz Type Tuning fork type quartz crystal
Stem 351177 / tap 10
Hand Sizes 1.10mm / 0.65mm / 0.20mm / 0.21mm x 2
Jewels 0
> 1600 A/m
Functions Hours, minutes, central seconds, 1/1 chronograph seconds subdial at 12:00, 60 minutes subdial at 6:00, date at 3:00
Country of Manufacture Japan
Known Models AVI-8 Bulman (Too many to list, please add your watch to the comments below…)

The Seiko Instruments (SII) caliber VD51B is a quartz chronograph movement. Something to note about this watch movement is that the chronograph second hand is located in a subdial at 6:00. The central second hand is the running second hand.

Chronograph Sequence:

The chrono sequence on the VD51B is the same as most chronograph watches:

  • Start – top button
  • Stop – top button
  • Reset – bottom button

How to reset the chronograph hand to 0:

If your chronograph second hand isn’t lining up, you can adjust it back to zero by pulling the crown out to time setting position (position 1) and using the chronograph pushers to advance the hand line up at the 60 (or zero/12:00 position). The top button will make the hand go backwards, the bottom button will make it move forward.

Holding the buttons in for more than a second will make the chrono second hand move rapidly, this is also how you get the 60 minute counter hand to line up. For example, if your 60 minute counter is resetting to the 5 minutes mark instead of the 60, you would pull the crown out to position 1, and hold the top button in while the chrono second hand spins around quickly and the 60 minute hand slowly goes back to the position you want it in. Then, be sure to line up the chrono second hand again and push the crown back to position 0.

Battery Replacement

A new battery in the SII caliber VD51B should last approximately 3 years. If you need to change the battery, it is possible to DIY. After replacing or reinstalling the battery cell, you will need to perform a short-circuit procedure by touching one side of your tweezers in the AC terminal (marked AC with an arrow) on the movement and the other on the battery.

Crown/Stem Removal

Look for the hole with “Push” and an up arrow. Using your tweezers or a toothpick, push the lever while pulling out the stem.


SII/TMI claims the caliber VD51B has an accuracy rating of less than +/- 20 when the watch is operating in the normal temperature range from -5 degrees C to +/- 50 degrees C.

VD51A, VD51B, VD51C

The current spec sheets for the VD51 list up to a VD51C variation with a revision date of January 20, 2017. We are still looking into the differences between the A, B, C variations, but it’s likely that they are small updates. If you know, please comment below. In the meantime, this post will be updated when we learn more.

Replacement Price

At the time of this post, replacement prices for the caliber spec VD51B were found online in the range of $17.55 – 24.99 USD.

Technical Drawings

Sii Caliber Vd51b Drawings


You might find this caliber listed as being produced by Hattori aka Epson aka TMI (Time Module Inc) aka Seiko Instruments Inc. We’re not sure why all the different names, but sure they all lead back to Seiko. Read more here

From Wikipedia:

Seiko Holdings Corporation (SEIKO) delegates a large portion of the manufacturing in its watch business to SII and EPSON. Most of watches manufactured by SII are sold through the Seiko Watch Corporation, a subsidiary of Seiko Holdings Corporation. In recent years Seiko Instruments has tried to establish its own marketing channel and brands – Sizukuishi Watch, appetime, J.SPRINGS, ISSEY MIYAKE, tsumori chisato, ALESSI, cacharel, etc.

On January 26, 2009, Seiko Instruments and Seiko Holdings announced that the two companies will be merged on October 1, 2009 through a share swap. Seiko Instruments became a wholly owned subsidiary of Seiko Holdings on October 1, 2009.

Examples of watches with caliber VD51B

The example below was found in this AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane watch.

Sii Caliber Vd51b Wide

Additional Resources

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La Hamm
La Hamm
4 years ago

Does this movement have plastic gears inside? Thx

4 years ago

Comments on the question about VD51A, 51B, 51C. Yes, your guess is correct, the letter refers to the version of that caliber. When there are some small modifications, the drawings are revised and new code is assigned to it. For instance, VD51C is upgraded with 3-year battery life, while VD51B is with 2-year battery life.

ISA Caliber 9232 Watch Movement |
4 years ago

[…] Movement” on the caseback (pic here). Note: there are versions of the model 0369 that has a caliber VD51 inside and Japan chronograph across the […]

2 years ago

Great page! Great Info!

1 year ago

I just replaced the battery for a watch having VD51C – I made sure I short-circuit-ed as displayed in the manual. The watch seems to run fine, however I am unable to adjust the chronograph – I am able to enter the setting mode, and I can move the minute dial – but the dial for seconds just won’t adjust. I am unable to start the chronograph by pressing that same button. My guess is that the watch has a non-working button…?

1 year ago
Reply to  Victor

Try a new battery. Sometimes if the cell you installed is low on power, the chronograph will not run. Also, double check the little pins in the plastic movement holder to make sure they are connecting the pusher to the button on the movement. Sometimes they get stuck or not lined up right when putting everything back. See if it’s reaching as it should. Have you ever seen the chrono in action or did you obtain the piece without a working battery?

1 year ago

Just found a watch with this movement “constant” however your picture shows a 3 next to the movement number and mine has a 2, would these have been different issues of the movement and if so would there be any differences.

1 year ago
Reply to  calibercorner

This is a picture of the movement as requested, thank you for your information.

11 months ago

6 hours ago

I am having latency issues with this movement, my watch keeps loosing time. Canit be fixed or i need to change movement?

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