Seiko Caliber Nh35a Vs Miyota 9015

Seiko NH35A VS Miyota 9015

Seiko Caliber Nh35a Vs Miyota 9015

Seiko Caliber NH35AMiyota Caliber 9015
 Seiko NH35A SII in a Vostok Jurgis Kairys WatchMiyota caliber 9015 automatic watch movement
Year Introduced~20112009
Vibrations Per Hour21,600 bph28,800 bph
Power Reserve41+ hours42 hours
-20~+40 sec/day
-10~+30 sec/day
Lift Angle
53 degrees51 degrees
Hand Size1.5mm/1.0mm/0.21mm1.52mm/1.0mm/0.17mm
Anti-Shock ProtectionDiashockParashock
Country of ManufactureJapan or MalaysiaJapan

Differences are in red

Seiko caliber NH35A VS Miyota caliber 9015

When comparing the NH35A and 9015, it is important to note that these are two of the most popular non-Swiss automatic movements. Both movements are made in Japan, while some NH35A movements are also made in Malaysia. Both calibers are considered to be workhorse movements and are found in many affordable microbrand/crowdfunded watches.

Beat Rate:

With all of the differences between these two calibers, the most dramatic difference is the beat rate. The Seiko NH35A beats at 21,600 bph, whereas the Miyota 9015 beats at a higher 28,800 bph.


Both the Seiko NH35A and Miyota 9015 have a quick set date.

Crown Position Functions:

The Seiko NH35A and Miyota 9015 have similar time setting functionality.

0 (against the case): Manual Winding
1 (pulled out one click): Date setting
2 (pulled out two clicks): Time setting

Rotor Winding Direction:

The Seiko NH35A is equipped with Seiko’s own Magic Lever, so the rotor winds the mainspring in both directions (bi-directional). The Miyota 9015 rotor winds in clockwise direction only.


The NH35A and 9015 measure up with a slightly different diameter and height. These two movements are not meant to be swapped, and although an experienced watchmaker can possibly pull of an NH35A/9015 mod, it would depend on the application and would not be worth the amount of work needed.

Replacement Prices:

This may surprise most readers, but compared to the Seiko caliber NH35A, the Miyota 9015 costs more than double. The NH35A can be found in the range of $35 – 45 USD. The 9015 can be found in the range of $100 – 135 USD.

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1 month ago

I have watches with both of these movements but I never really thought about which one I like better. I just always assumed they are basically the same. I never knew about the differences in beat rate and price!

28 days ago
Reply to  Allie

Seriously! The price of a Miyota 9015 is almost the price of a Swiss made Sellita. Never knew that!

jeffrey w hoffman
jeffrey w hoffman
1 month ago

tend to say with the nh35 never any issues

1 month ago

Price difference is new to me. Interesting.

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