Peseux Caliber 7014
Peseux Caliber 7014

Peseux Caliber 7014

The Peseux caliber 7014 is a vintage Swiss made manual-wind 2-hander movement with a date. This movement has a beat rate of 18,000vph and a power reserve of around 42 hours when fully wound. Be careful not to overwind it. The size is 11.5”’ with a diameter of 25.6mm. The height is 2.65mm thin. You can find this caliber with 17 jewels or 21 jewels. Most of the 17 jewels versions are probably found in watches intended for the USA market. This calibre is not equipped with a quickset date, however, moving the hands past 12 then back to 8 and past 12 again can help you advance the date faster than going all the way around 24 hours.

Note: This caliber listing is still being updated, but feel free to start discussions on it in the comments below…

If you have a high quality picture of this movement, taken by YOU and not “borrowed” online, please submit it to help complete this listing.

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