Omega Caliber 4564 Drawing

Omega Caliber 4564

Omega Caliber 4564 Drawing

Brand Omega
Caliber Number 4564
Base Caliber
ETA E64.111
Movement Type Quartz
Lignes 11.5”’
1.95mm (2.15mm including the battery)
32,768 Hz
Battery Life
25 months
Battery Cell
373 (SR916SW)
Driving System
Stepping motor
Hand Count 3
Functions Central hours; central minutes; central seconds; date at 3:00
Other Features
Low battery indicator (EOL)
Hacking Seconds?
Quickset Date?
Circular graining, rhodium-plating
Country of Manufacture Switzerland, Swiss made
Known Models
Omega Aqua Terra 150m Quartz, Omega Constellation 36 Quartz (Add your watch to the comments below…)

The Omega caliber 4564 is a Swiss made quartz movement with 8 jewels.

In Omega’s own words:

“Quartz precision movement with rhodium-plated finish.” –Source

Is it Thermocompensated?

Whether or not the Omega 4564 is thermocompensated has not been confirmed. There are mixed opinions about this, and even instances of inconsistent information provided by Omega.

The caliber confusion occurs because the cal. 4564 is essentially an Omega branded ETA caliber E64.111. The E64.111 is produced as a PreciDrive or non-PreciDrive movement. PreciDrive movements are thermocompensated, but there is no way to tell if the 4564 is PreciDrive or not.

Changing the Battery:

The battery cell on the calibre 4564 is held in by friction, meaning you do not need to unscrew any screws or move any cell straps for access to the battery. Just make sure the battery insulator is intact and in place underneath the battery cell.

Replacement Battery:

The battery for replacement is number 373 (aka SR916SW). A new battery should last up to around 25 months. It’s always a good idea to mark your battery with the install date, or make a note somewhere with the date of the new battery.

Interesting note: The Omega 4564 is said to be based on the ETA cal. E64.111, however, Omega claims 25 months for the battery life, whereas ETA claims 41 months for the smaller 373 battery (source).

Low Battery Indicator:

When the battery is low and needs replaced, the seconds hand will skip and jump every 4 seconds. When this mode is active, the timekeeping is still accurate, but it’s time to change the battery.

Video – User Manual:

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