Miyota Caliber Super 2035

Miyota Caliber Super 2035

Miyota Caliber Super 2035

ManufacturerMiyota (Citizen)
Caliber NumberSuper 2035
Movement TypeQuartz
Lignes6 3/4”’ x 8”’
18.5mm x 15.3mm
Height3.15mm thick
Jewels0 (no jewels)
Battery Cell NumberSR626SW / 377
Battery Life
4 years
Accuracy Rating
+/- 15 seconds/month
Stem065-468, tap 10
1.20mm / .70mm / .17mm
FunctionsCentral hours; central minutes; central seconds
Hacking Seconds?
Dial Feet Location
7:00 / 11:00 (needs confirmed)
Country of ManufactureJapan
Known Models
Too many to list (Add yours to the comments below…)

The Miyota caliber Super 2035 is a quartz movement with 0 jewels. It is considered a replaceable movement. The Super 2035 will actually have the word SUPER etched above the 2035 caliber number.

The Super 2035 was introduced in 2005. Below is a flyer from the Hong Kong Watch and Clock Fair 2005 (the show ran from ran from September 7-11, 2005).

Miyota Super 2035 2005 Specs

Some of the topics covered in this caliber listing:

Similar Calibers:

There is also a Miyota caliber 2035 without the “Super” designation. The regular caliber 2035 has a lower accuracy (+/-20 seconds/month) and lower battery life (3 years). Other differences are that the Super version is gold tone and includes a coil cover. If you have a choice between the two movements, the Super 2035 is preferred for the extra year of battery power alone.

The caliber Super 2036 is almost identical to the Super 2035 with the major difference being that the Super 2036 is a high hand version. High hand movements allow more clearance between the movement and the hands, giving more options for the dial design.

Other similar movements include:

  • 2035G – lower accuracy (+/-20), lower battery life (3 yrs)
  • 2025 – no central seconds hand
  • 2034 – disc seconds hand


Miyota states the accuracy of this Super 2035 movement to be +/-15 seconds/month.

Update: Miyota is inconsistent with their accuracy rating when it comes to the Super 2035. In older marketing materials (as see above), they state that the Super has +/-15 sec/month accuracy. However, in current official spec sheets (linked in the Additional Resources section at the bottom of this post), they state an accuracy of +/- 20 sec/month.

Power Reserve:

The Super 2035 has a battery life of 4 years. This movement also has a hacking function which can serve as a power saving feature. Pulling out the crown/stem to time setting position can reduce the power being used if you’re not going to wear the watch for a while. Be careful storing your watch with the stem pulled out!

Crown/Stem Removal:

Miyota calibers such as the Super 2035 do not have an arrow to indicate the location of the release button for stem removal. There are several peg-like shapes sticking out of the movement that appear to be buttons, but they are actually there to hold parts of the movement in place. Instead, you will be looking for a small indentation, which you will press down with your tweezers to allow for the stem to be released. Follow the video below:

Replacement Price

At the time of this post, prices for the caliber Super 2035 quartz movement were found online around $5.95. You can order the non-Super version of this movement here.

Additional Resources:

Caliber submitted by @kinetic_john. Movement found in his Storm Nuclear Lazer watch here.

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