Isa Caliber 9003 7301

ISA Caliber 9003/7301

Isa Caliber 9003 7301

Caliber Number9003/7301
Diameter14”’ (31.80mm x 6.20mm thick)
Battery Cell NumberCR2016
Hand Sizes150/90/20
FunctionsHours, minutes, small seconds, date, second timezone (GMT)
Country of ManufactureSwiss Made in Far East
Known Models
Renato Beast “X” Sportworld Traveler

The ISA caliber 9003/7301 is an ani-digi quartz movement. It is found in entry level watch brand such as Renato and even the National Geographic watch. This caliber is known to be difficult to set the time. Try your best to decipher the instructions below.

Swiss Made?

ISA lists this caliber as “Swiss Made” yet also refers to it as “Far East Assembly”.

Restarting After Battery Change

After battery insertion, or if movement does not work correctly after battery setting, a reboot can be carried out by connecting the pad 1 with the pad 2 as we can see on picture below. Hold this position for 3 seconds to ensure the reset. This operation is far better than removing and reinserting the battery and thus ensures a correct restart of the movement.

After that, the movement is in the same configuration as after a battery change and an initialization procedure has to be carried out as described in user manual.

Isa Caliber 9003 Reset

Time Setting Instructions

Isa Caliber 9003 7301 Instructions

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Rusty Rat
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