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Recommended affordable sub second dial movement for a build?

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Hi all,

New here! I have created an account after a recommendation from my partners father. He is much wiser with watches so hoping to get some feedback on a build. 

I love the dirty dozen design, and I’m hoping to create my own homage. I am struggling however to find the movement needed. Ideally, I would have gone for the Seagull ST1701, but I can only find cloned movements. Similarly, the orient F6S22 & the Miyota 82s5 are both over the 150 mark and are too expensive. 

I am hoping to find a movement that has hacking and winding, although that is not crucial. I have only built a NH35 build before so I’m not amazingly experienced so if it was forgiving that would be nice. 

The movement would need to fit inside a 36mm case, and it would need a sub second dial as per the photo. The dials are impossible to find, so I am commissioning a dial maker for it, but it would help him if I had the movement first.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated, thank you for your time!



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9 hours ago

There are a lot of options but when price becomes a factor that starts limiting these options.  I am curious what is the budget for the build. when you commission a dial maker, that makes me wonder.  

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