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Plastic parts in the new Seiko 6r54 caliber?

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Hi there everyone!


Seiko has set a new standard for affordable mechanical GMT's two years ago as we all know. The GMT complication on the 4r34/NH34 calibers is (almost) entirely made out of plastic parts to keep costs down, and because plastic parts require less energy from the movement which means less friction. Genius right?! 


Anyway, I really love the new Seiko Prospex GMT diver's (SPB383J1) with the new 6r54 caliber inside, and I was curious if anyone knew if the GMT function is made out of plastic on this caliber too. I'm not going to pay $1500 for a watch with so much plastic parts inside of the movement. 




Mister Turtle Time 

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3 weeks ago

I am not sure if I understand.  You use the word plastic liberally.  Plastic has evolved over the years and is and has been used for many years in watches.  Plastic is not necessarily cheaper than metal.  Your call if you don't want to buy the watch but you might want to check out the other manufactures who have gone to other than metal components for watches.  

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2 weeks ago

You say the plastic parts are genius for less friction but that you won't buy it because it has plastic. So you want to pay more for more friction?

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