Ronda Caliber 785 Quartz Watch Movement

Ronda Caliber 785

Ronda Caliber 785 Quartz Watch Movement

Brand Ronda
Caliber Number 785
Type Quartz
Linge 8 3/4”’
Diameter 20mm (case fitting 19.40mm)
Thickness 2.50mm
Battery Cell Number 362
Claimed Battery Life Unknown (please add to comments below)
Jewels 5 (gold plated EOL) or 1 (nickel plated)
Hands 120/70/20
Stem 401-1233 (tap 10)
Hacking Yes
Functions Hours, minutes, central seconds
Known Models
(please add known models in the comments)

The caliber 785 is from Ronda’s Normtech line of movements. Replacement prices were found around $10-15. The battery cell should last 42 months.

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Vinnie Yen
Vinnie Yen

785L Variant. Date at 4

Vinnie Yen
Vinnie Yen

Anyone have a detail photo of the battery contact?