Ronda caliber 763E quartz watch movement

Ronda Caliber 763E

Ronda caliber 763E quartz watch movement

Brand Ronda
Caliber Number 763E (Powertech)
Type Quartz
Diameter 6 3/4”’ x 8”’ (15.3mm x 18.1mm)
Height 2.50mm thick
Battery Cell Number 364
Stem 401-1237, tap 10
Hands 1.20mm/.70mm/.20mm
Claimed Battery Life 40 months
Jewels 1
Hacking? Yes
Functions Hours, minutes, central seconds
Country of Assembly Switzerland
Known Models
Chronologia Pilot, list more models in the comments below!

Caliber 763E VS 763

According to the Ronda website, there are two versions of the caliber 763. The movement listed here is a 763E which is nickel plated EOL with 1 jewel. The caliber 763 is gold plated with 5 jewels.

Ronda categorizes the 763E as part of their Normtech line, while the 763E is listed as a member of the Powertech line of movements.

How to tell which movement is in my watch?

Some manufacturers will put “Ronda 763” in their specs even though the watch actually has a caliber 763E. This may not be deliberate since the caliber number is “763” on both variations. If you check the 763 page here, you will see a similar 763 engraving that is found on the 763E shown below.

How to tell is by looking at the color of the movement. The gold versions are caliber 763, the nickel (silver) versions are 763E. If you find a movement with 763E engraved, please send us a pic to add to this post.

Ronda caliber 763 or 763E


  • Repairable metal movement
  • Power saving feature (pull out the crown to setting position to save 70% of the battery)


In their official documentation, Ronda claims an accuracy rate of -10~+20 seconds per month.

Replacement Price

Replacement prices for the 763E were found in the range of $4.95 – $6.95.

Caliber 763E found in a Chronologia Pilot.

Caliber 763E found in an REC Cooper

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Evan S.
Evan S.

I had no idea that a Swiss movement could only cost a mere $5.00. Thank you Caliber Corner guys for for teaching me so much about watches on your site.


What different of 763 & 763E?(movement height? Or?)


[…] of the caliber 763. The movement listed here is a 763 which is gold plated EOL with 1 jewel. The caliber 763E (Powertech) is nickel plated with 1 […]

Billy munden
Billy munden

Hello, I bought a second hand, quite old I think Baume et Mercier watch which I think contains the 763E movement. Do you think that an old b&m watch could contain a movement like this or is it more likely a good replica? ( everything else I can’t fault. Thanks.


One more option to add is that maybe it’s a real watch that had some issues with the movement and they swapped it for a Ronda 763E.

Billy munden
Billy munden

Thanks for the reply, if that were the case do you know what that would do to he value? Cheers


I’m no expert, but I would say the value would plummet. Be careful trying to resale it because it could look like you’re trying to sale a watch that doesn’t have the original movement.