Moeris caliber 10 1/2 D mechanical watch movement

Moeris Caliber 10 1/2 D

Moeris caliber 10 1/2 D mechanical watch movement

Manufacturer Moeris
Caliber Number 10 1/2 D (10.5 D)
Movement Type Mechanical, manual-wind
In-House? Yes
Vibrations Per Hour 18,000 bph, 4Hz
Jewels 17
Power Reserve 36 hours
Diameter 10.5”’ (23.3mm)
Height 3.85mm
Hands 1.12mm, 0.650mm, 0.15mm
Hairspring Flat
Shock Absorber Incabloc
Hacking? Unknown
Functions Hours, minutes, small seconds
Country of Manufacture Switzerland
Known Models
Vintage manual wind Moeris wristwatch

The Moeris caliber 10 1/2 was produced in Switzerland in the 1950’s.

The brand was established in 1883 as Moeris & Jeanneret, named after the two partners Fritz Moeri and Julius Frederic Jeanneret Saint Imier. At the passing of Jeanneret, the company became Moeri Fritz in 1900, later Moeris. In 1970, Moeris was acquired by Tissot and referred to by Swatch Group as the Moeris Department.

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18,000 bph is 2.5 Hz.