Miyota 6p24

Miyota Caliber 6P24

Miyota Caliber 6p24

Manufacturer Miyota (Citizen)
Caliber Number 6P24
Type Quartz
Diameter 10.5”’ (22.6mm)
Minimum Case
28mm diameter x 7.65 thick
Dial Feet
5:00 and 11:00
Battery Cell Number SR621SW (364)
Estimated Battery Life
3 years
Frequency 32,768Hz
Quartz Type Tuning fork type quartz crystal
Stem 065-379 (tap 10)
Functions Hours, minutes, central seconds, moonphase at 6:00
Country of Manufacture Japan
Known Models
MAALS Jump Over The Moon

The Miyota caliber 6P24 is a quartz movement with 0 jewels. It is assembled in Japan and is considered a replaceable movement.


Miyota states the accuracy of this movement to be +/-20 seconds/month.

Setting and Reading the Moonphase

This is from the official Miyota documentation:

Miyota 6p24 Moonphase

Different Moonphase Illustrations

The main feature of the caliber 6P24 is the moonphase indicator at 6:00. Miyota offers two design versions of the moonphase calendar disc:

  • 6P24-00A – Darker background with a white moon and stars
  • 6P24-00W – Navy blue background with a yellow moon and stars

Replacement Price

At the time of this post, prices for the caliber 6P24 quartz movement were found online between $12.05 and $21.95 USD.


To order the caliber 6P24 from Miyota, the minimum is 1,000 pieces. The production lead time is about 2 months. For

Related Calibers

There are a few calibers in the same family with a moonphase indicator at 6:00. Caliber 6P24 is considered to be the base caliber as it features the time and moonphase only without added complications. In addition to the moonphase at 6:00, the other variations include:

  • 6P00 – Month subdial (3:00), day subdial (9:00), date subdial (12:00), month pusher at 2:00
  • 6P20 – Month subdial (3:00), day subdial (9:00)
  • 6P21 – Day subdial (9:00), date subdial (12:00)
  • 6P80 – Month window (3:00), day window (9:00), date hand, month pusher at 2:00

Note: the caliber 6P80 height increases from 3.45mm to 3.85mm.

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